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Kate Brown, Oregon’s Secretary of State, REALLY Steps In It

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The rumors around Salem are that Kate Brown is not exactly known for her attention to detail. The fiasco surrounding the change to the election of Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) only goes to prove that conclusively.

Last night the story broke that Kate Brown had, at the last minute, enforced a statute that is questionable enough that the AG is being called in to assist.

Confusion reigns. The following screen shot was taken last night from the ORESTAR website, still listing the May Primary Election as the date for the BOLI vote:

Meanwhile, Bruce Starr has wasted no time – he’s filed suit in Marion County to block Kate Brown’s flawed decision.

The suit reads, in part:

ORS 249.091 provides in pertinent part:
If a nominating petition or declaration of candidacy is filed by no
more than two candidates for the office of sheriff, county treasurer
or county clerk or by no more than two candidates to fill a vacancy
in a nonparisan office:
(a) The candidate or candidates are nominated; and
(b) The name or names of the candidate or candidates may
not be printed on the ballot at the nominating election.
ORS 249.091 does not provide an exception because the election for the office of Commissioner is not to fill a vacancy. [emphasis added]

It goes further:

Defendant bases the decision not to hold a nominating election for the office of
Commissioner at the May 15,2012, primary election on section 22a, chapter 511, Oregon Laws
2009, which provides: “Notwthstanding section 22 of this 2009 Act (249.215) and ORS
651.030, the term of offce of the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries elected at
the general election held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November 2012 shall be
two years.” Defendant’s decision is erroneous because section 22a, chapter 511, Oregon Laws
2009, prescribes only a term of office and does not set a date for an election. [emphasis added]

If the judge finds in favor of the plaintiff, this is going to make Kate Brown look even worse than she already does.

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Oregon Secretary Of State Kate Brown Makes A Decision. She Should Have Kept The Training Wheels On.

Secretary Of State Kate Brown Makes A Decision. She Should Have Kept The Training Wheels On.

cross posted from 54°40′ Or Fight!

Late on Monday afternoon, Nigel Jaquiss of Portland’s weekly alternative journal dropped a bomb on Oregon politics:

Bombshell: Labor Commissioner Race Pushed to November

State Sen. Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) received what he calls “stunning” news late Friday. Starr is challenging incumbent Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian in a nonpartisan, statewide contest that both men expected to appear on the May 15 primary ballot.

But when a Starr aide called the state Elections Division late Friday to confirm receipt of Starr’s check and  statement for the Voters’ Pamphlet, that aide received a shock.

“The certified May ballot does not have my name on it, nor Brad’s,” Starr told WW. “They said,

‘We are sending back your check and statement—the election is in November.’ My reaction was disbelief. I said, ‘You are kidding me—how can this be?’”

Evidently, while the Democrats had a supermajority in both houses of legislature in 2009, they got the bright idea that the election for Labor Commissioner needed a facelift. Having 6 statewide races on one ballot was deemed, somehow, to be unacceptable, so three of them were shifted to alternate election cycles. It may or may not have been the intent to move them to November instead of may. But that’s how it’s written into the new law:

SECTION 22a.  { + Notwithstanding section 22 of this 2009 Act
and ORS 651.030, the term of office of the Commissioner of the
Bureau of Labor and Industries elected at the general election
held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November 2012
shall be two years. + }

Both Starr, the Republican, and Avakian, the Democrat, were unaware of the change, as evidenced by statements on both campaign websites urging supporters to help them win in May. Starr states that he believes the statute was in error, as all nonpartisan races are intended to be on the ballot in May. He has appealed to the Oregon Department of Justice for assistance in clarifying the decision by the Secretary of State to leave this election off the May ballot: “It’s very clear that nonpartisan races should be on the ballot in May,” Starr says. “Precedent is on our side and I think the law is on our side.”

Later in the article, Jacquiss speculates that this change hurts Bruce Starr:

Pushing the election from May to November could affect the outcome of what many expect to be a close race. Both candidates are from Washington County and have run in numerous cycles before, but recent elections history suggests there could be a large voter turnout in November in support of President Barack Obama. That favors Avakian.

It seems that Secretary of State Kate Brown, darling of George Soros’ www.sosproject.org, was negligent in notifying the public, affected candidates and the major political parties of this rather major change. Failure to make a public announcement prior to the final ballot approval process leaves a bad smell, and only fuels speculation that this was a deliberate decision on her part to keep the candidates in the dark as long as possible.

Let’s clarify here: ballots are to be mailed to voters in five weeks. Both candidates have been campaigning for months. The public is actually becoming aware of this race. The rug has been pulled out from under the entire voting public.

It seems obvious that Ms. Brown, at the very least, should have requested legal clarification from the office of the AG prior to interpreting the statute on her own. Nonpartisan races have ALWAYS been on the May ballot in Oregon.

Given Kate Brown’s long, consistent track record of highly partisan decisions, it would be hard to conclude that this decision was anything less than deliberate.

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Secretive SEIU network partners with Occupy movement, raises nationwide hell

Secretive network of 10 front groups join with occupiers to pressure businesses, politicians

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AFL-CIO boss: Unionizing should be added to Civil Rights Act of 1964 [VIDEO]

'The right to have a voice on the job should be every much as strong and as institutionalized as the right to vote and everything else'

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RedState 2012-03-01 23:46:41

MSNBC, NYT, Media Matters, and NBC are the masters of deception – their news is scripted and edited for them all coming out of the same can… Ask them about the GM bailout; they’ll say Obama saved the auto industry by creating an awesome economic turnaround for GM. But, in actuality those are fabricated lies providing fuel for Obama’s Presidential campaign!

Americans can’t spend the remainder of 2012 complaining about the Liberal News Media. We must relentlessly expose their lies daily; it’s not enough to huddle in small groups and complain. Remember Obama has lost his credibility; his record for the past three years is tainted and reeks of corruption.

Today I turned on the Rachael Maddow show to check in on the “latest and greatest” Liberal lies. Rachael prides herself in being the “junk yard dog” who attacks the big issues with vengeance. Rachel will be the first to tell you that her feisty debates covers all sides of the story or issues. Here’s where it’s necessary to differ with Rachael – like her cohorts Rachael is only programmed to offer one side of a debate and that’s where the story begins today.

Today Rachael discussed the GM bailout with Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz. Chris was getting that tingle up his leg again crowing that the UAW overwhelmingly supports Obama in Michigan. There’s a reason that UAW has a love affair with the Redistributor, and it’s called “money, money and more money.

Shultz is a raving maniac saying Obama saved the auto industry and it was one of the greatest economic turnarounds of our time. Shultz says GM is thriving, good for GM or should I say good for the UAW. But Ed doesn’t want to discuss the taxpayers who are the innocent victims of this bailout fraud? Ed Shultz tried to make mincemeat out of Mitt Romney because he disapproved of the GM bailout. Mitt Romney was right the Government has no right bailing out businesses.

There is one good reason the Liberal News Media refuses to tell the other side of the story. Obama’s track record for the past three years is worse than President Carter’s, so he’s using the GM bailout as one of his success stories. The Liberal News Media is putting their spin on the GM bailout believing if they tell the story often enough, people will believe it. Here is the other side of the story.

The only reason for the GM bailout with taxpayer’s money was to keep Obama’s friends (UAW) happy. The task force in charge of the GM bailout had one objective only and that was to give the UAW the best deal available. What most would call a scandal, Ed Shultz says it’s an awesome economic turnaround. Here’s where I’d tend to differ with Shultz; I’d say the GM bailout was Obama fulfilling his promises to one of his big bundlers in 2008 with our money.

In 2008 alone, the UAW gave $4,161,567 to the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama. In return, the UAW received 55 percent of Chrysler and 17.5 percent of GM, plus billions of dollars. by Paul Roderick Gregory, FORBES February 2012

But Obama did not “save” Detroit. A bankruptcy that followed the rule of law would have “saved” Detroit better than Obama’s, which left GM under the federal government’s diktat, unable to borrow, and with high labor costs. Obama’s favoritism towards the UAW “elevated costs in a way that damage prospects for a successful reorganization.” Obama’s corrupt bailout will lead to higher prices for the middle class, crippled job growth in the auto industry, and more manufacturing jobs exported abroad. by Paul Roderick Gregory, FORBES February 2012

MSNBC is the perfect living example of Liberal bias and lies – it’s their job to put Obama back in the White House for another four years and that means they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

What will Americans do to stop them? We will identify their lies – discredit them as a credible news source and give their sponsors 30 days to find a new venue for their ads.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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“Absent” Ind. Democrats Fight Right-to-Work by Walking around State Capitol

By: Brian Sikma

Indiana unions have been very good to Indiana Democrats. Minority Leader Pat Bauer netted over $76,200 in contributions from union PACs in his 2010 re-election campaign. Just one SEIU-affiliated PAC in Indiana gave 158% more contributions to Democrats than Republicans that same cycle and two top local SEIU operatives have a record of giving exclusively to Democratic candidates and local parties.

Perhaps it is at the behest of unions that Indiana House Democrats have chosen to carry on their tradition of opposing right-to-work by staging a walkout. With right-to-work legislation forcing unions to actually prove their value to members and preventing unions keeping non-union workers out of certain jobs, no wonder the House Democrats have decided to let House Republicans (who hold a legislative majority) penalize them with $1,000-a-day per legislator fines.

Right-to-work reform has been bantered about in the state for several years, and last year a 36-day walkout by House Democrats managed to kill the proposal. This year, the drama picked up afresh with a 3-day walkout by Democrats before the threat of fines brought them back.

In public and private Democrat leader Bauer said that there would be no more walkouts this year, and that the Democrat caucus would show up for work even when the right-to-work bill was on the agenda. That promise was promptly broken when Bauer appeared only briefly and by himself on the House floor Tuesday afternoon without his caucus in tow.

The walkout continued with a pep rally / Democrat caucus meeting in the statehouse rotunda on Wednesday morning. After failing to show up in their seats for the 9:00 am session start, House Republicans slapped them with the long-awaited fine. The absence of a quorum has shuttered legislative business all the way from the chamber to committee hearings.

Democrats, instead of fleeing to Illinois like they did last year, have chosen to remain in the state. In fact, a walk around the state capitol will find a number of them milling about or headed to and from their offices. Due to the modest numbers of union protesters that have showed up each day, the capitol is swarming with state troopers who could, under the rules of the House and the provisions of the Indiana Constitution, be ordered to nab a few Democrats and take them to the House chamber where business could resume.

For now, Democrats are enjoying some expensive leisure time and there is no indication of when they will start doing their job again. Union money is an important part of the Democratic Party’s political success, so it’s no wonder that Democrats would put their union-underwritten money stream ahead of constituents. It is, however, quite shameful for them to do so.

Originally published on Hoosier Access by Media Trackers.


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AFL-CIO launches new ad campaign

Ads come as states like Ohio and Wisconsin move to curb the bargaining rights of public employee unions

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Obama‘s Betrayal to Our Nation

Treason – violation or betrayal of the allegiance that a person owes his sovereign or his country, esp. by attempting to overthrow the government; high treason. So possibly the operative questions that would help Americans decide if Obama has been loyal and faithful to America would be; (1) “Is America really his country, and (2) If America is his country, why hasn’t he shown allegiance to the USA?

The past three years, Obama has betrayed Americans and committed many acts that in fact are treasonous, because he has not shown allegiance to Americans or their Country. Recently he appointed a total of four different appointments claiming the Congress was in recess and that’s a blatant lie; Congress wasn’t in recess.

His motive was to spend more of taxpayers’ money with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and to empower Government to take more freedoms and rights away consumers and businesses. This bureau if it remains in power is like a loose cannon with little if any Congressional oversight and it’s costing taxpayer’s millions of dollars and not even up and running yet.

Lobbyists like CFL (Center for Responsible Lending) and Americans for Financial Reform includes some important players, including AARP, the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of State Municipal and County Employees and SIEU are all in favor of the new bureau – another red flag shows its ugly head.

His next three recess appointees (remember Congress wasn’t in recess) was to appease the Unions who have been rather displeased with him for nixing the Keystone Pipeline. He needs their votes, money and this move was to empower the Unions so they can continue badgering large companies like Boeing, small businesses, non-union employees and Governors like Scott Walker and Governor John Kasich.

His recess appointees to the National Labor Review Board are three very dangerous people, Sharon Block, Terence Flynn and Richard Griffin. Obama calls these three qualified public servants, what a laugh!

Sharon Block, Deputy Labor Secretary, Flynn and Griffin are the chief counsel to NLRB Board Member Brian Hayes and the general counsel for the International Union of Operating Engineers. So do you really think businesses stand a chance of getting a fair shot?

Ideology over leadership establishes the reasons Obama has aggressively attacked our Nation; he has jeopardized our safety, supported enemies of our Country and tried to divide our Nation via class warfare.

Obama has used his power to jeopardize the safety of the people in our Country – look at his stance on Gitmo, the Fort Hood Massacre, the illegal alien problems, the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation that has killed 2 of our Agents and 100’s of innocent Hispanic men women and children. His latest attack is on our Military.

Providing aid to enemies of our country – Remember he’s backing the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle Eastern Countries and encouraging the Wall Street Protestors in our Country. He removed all our troops from Iraq, which is one more signal for Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood to make their move.

Obama is actually using class warfare to turn many people against their fellow citizens – he’s concentrating on the middle class now along with Hispanics and African Americans blaming the Republicans and wealthy for his fallen economic policies. Obama is preying on those who have suffered the most during this recession; he’s back to the “Hope and Change” 2008 campaign.

The writing is on the wall concerning Barack Obama and his aggression against America established two very important things; (1) America isn’t his Country, and (2) He has committed treason against the United States of America.

In closing, we’re fighting a “dictator” on our turf and 2012 must be the year that Obama is exposed for his treasonous ways. Anyone who would back the Muslim Brotherhood, encourage the Unions to attack the non – Union companies and employees, reduce our Military power, increase spending and run a Presidential Campaign on nothing but lies and political propaganda is our enemy.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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Obama – Rules for Radicals

This is the second article on our fallen economy during Obama’s 3 year term. Obama has betrayed our trust and is aggressively continuing his agenda to destroy America. The words traitor or dictator fit this person to a “T,” due to his mode of operation.

In 2009, this smooth talking orator knew his position as Commander in Chief bought him a lot of time, because we were struggling with the recession and many had bought his promises of “hope and change.” So before we even had a chance to take a second breath, he’s smoozed us into giving him 787 billion dollars in what he referred to as a stimulus plan.

In all actuality, he stole our 787 billion dollars rigidly following the “Rules for Radicals.” Looking back now to 2008, we can understand his comments when he said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

That was actually his signal to all of the puppeteers that had placed him in office that he was ready to start the process which was designed by Alinsky. “Take power from the Haves and give it to the Have Nots” – this is what we refer to as redistribution.

He hamstrung us right from the gecko aggressively attacking us by deftly increasing our National Deficit by trillions; this was intentional not due to his inability to balance a budget or his inability to lead our Nation. Just think about it – during this time the poor got poorer, the African Americans’ unemployment rate sky rocketed, millions of taxpayer’s lost their jobs and homes while Obama redistributed our money.

Month after month we’ve waited hoping for jobs, but that hasn’t happened. The Keystone Pipeline is a perfect example of the Obama dictatorship. The EPA studied this project for three years and Obama put the project on the back burner until 2013 rolls around.

Rather than bore everyone with repetitious information, the point of this article is this; we have a traitor and dictator in our midst actively destroying our beautiful America. This man is the disciplined puppet created by the Alinsky’s, Ayers, Soros, Unions and Special Interest groups and he’s performing with precision every directive that he’s been given.

The fourth year of his term will prove to be the most difficult year of our lives and he’s off and running the first week of 2012 as he continues his vicious destruction against our Nation. He’ll do anything it takes to secure the votes for his second term; he’s dangerous and definitely feels that he is above the laws of our land.

Without a second term, Obama’s plan will be a total failure; it will be costly but we will be able to survive the onslaught and recover.

His three recess appointees yesterday to the National Labor Relations Board are probably illegal, but he did this to appease the pro-union allies and the end result will be more support for his Presidential Campaign in 2012. Here’s an example of what Unions are doing in my State of Arizona.

Unions are struggling and are attacking the small construction companies in Arizona. Companies who have won bids for jobs are now being told that the Unions want to do away with residential and light commercial wages; the Unions want to adhere to the wage bracket that is used in big Commercial construction jobs meaning employee labor will skyrocket. Many of these smaller businesses will have to hire entirely all non-union labor which places them way behind due to the cost of hiring and orienting all new employees. Some will have to close their doors.

We have the AG (Eric Holder) who should have been removed from office at least a year ago ruthlessly attacking Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sherriff’s office. Joe Arpaio said today on National Television that he’s willing to work with the DOJ and needs to know the specifics of their allegations. They refuse to offer him this information and pretty much said, “we’ll see you in court” – that is Obama’s way of pocketing Hispanic votes along with the memo to ICE to stop deportations.

He’s frantically spending money we don’t have creating a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is estimated to cost millions of taxpayer’s money. This is one more infringement on our rights and freedoms – we have plenty of rules, regulations and laws in place to protect consumers.

Obama will continue attacking our economy, stifling businesses, redistributing our money – everything he does will be an attempt to secure votes for the 2012 Presidential Election and strip of us of our rights and “God” given freedom. If we can prevent him from winning the election in 2012, keep control of the House and get control of the Senate we will be on our way in our fight to “Take Back Our Country.”

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

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AIM Video – UNIONS: Future of the Occupy Movement?

From Accuracy in Media’s Benjamin Johnson:

Now that the holidays and winter weather are upon us, it will be a critical time for the Occupy Movement. Will they continue to slum in public (and private) parks illegally, or do they go back to their parent’s house? But more important, will unions of all kinds dedicate work days and member dues to pick up the slack? Accuracy in Media has found lately that the AFL-CIO, CWA, SEIU and others are more than willing to co-opt the movement.

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