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Women Right to Know Bill: Retreat or Reload? State Rep. Scott Perry to answer at ACTION Rally tonight

I do not know what it is about a Christian conservative speaking about his faith and about public policy issues that so much enrages the secular liberal left in America but recent writings by the undersigned in this space have generated more personal insult, attack and strawman arguments attempting to demonize what we say than anything I have written during the last seven weeks of 5x a week essays I have posted, and this one – number 37 and sending my count to over 80,000 words – may create a few aneurysms.

I pray for calm among my liberal-left, secular left audience who monitors these pages on the lookout for places to attack Christians.

One of the purposes of today’s report is to support the call of two men of the cloth in south Central Pennsylvania, who began and ended their meeting with State Representative Scott Perry with a prayer.

The two Christian pastors are advocates of the “Women’s Right to Know” bill that is stalled in the State House of Representatives.

The meeting was held to ask Rep. Perry why he had withdrawn his sponsorship of that bill which would most certainly have cost Planned Parenthood a few dollars in lost abortion fees if it were enacted.

If Planned Parenthood is forced by legislation being considered in Harrisburg, to allow the expectant mother to actually see the ultra sound image that is already being taken in 99% of all abortions in America, the fear that the abortionists have is that some of those mothers will get all queasy and change their mind.

In other words, the sight of their own real life baby in an ultra sound image, even as the smooth talking Planned Parenthood operator is telling them it’s just a blob, may cause a few mothers to say “oh its my baby” and cancel the planned abortion.

This fear is so very real that it generated a massive campaign by Planned Parenthood to prevent Pennsylvania from becoming the 24th state in the U.S. to compel them to offer the mother the chance to see the ultra sound image.  The campaign used a series of lies, including the claim that the Republican legislator was going to “rape” women with a “vaginal probe.”

Of course, those writing heated letters and angry phone calls are completely unaware that in 99% of all abortions in America Planned Parenthood already DOES an ultra sound image and in 93% of all cases, does an ultra sound using that vaginal probe.  The major issue is, will Planned Parenthood be forced to allow the expectant mother to see the image if she wants?

Father Samuel Houser of St. Patrick Catholic Church hosted this meeting at his parish conference room in York City, presided over by the Chairman of the York County Chapter of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA), Pastor Ken Gibson, to pray that their state becomes the 24th to allow women to see that photographic image of their own baby, despite Planned Parenthood’s vehement objections.

In attendance at this meeting was State Representative Scott Perry, one of the 40 state legislators who had originally sponsored House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” bill, but who then withdrew his sponsorship.

Rep. Perry sent an email to the legislators – which I reported last week – saying he followed Sarah Palin’s example of last year – he hadn’t retreated, he was reloading.  But he will had some explaining to do.

Rep. Perry is a candidate for the Congressional seat of retiring 6 term Rep. Todd Platts.  The April 24 primary will select a Republican nominee for this strongly GOP district and there are seven candidates.

Rep. Perry went into this meeting very much in “the hot seat” with the two Christian pastors.  They did not understand why he had withdrawn his sponsorship of a bill they consider so important.

But Rep. Perry came out with two much more informed Pastors, and with a bounce in his step.  It isn’t every day that two men of the cloth pray for you as Pastors Houser and Gibson did this past Wednesday.

In fact, the two Christian Pastors were so “fired up” by what they learned in their one hour meeting with Rep. Perry, that they stayed overtime after their meeting, to draft up a “statement” about their meeting with him.  And they then issued a news release about their meeting along with the statement.  I will conclude today’s column with the full, unedited text of both.

But the real news is this.

Father Houser and Pastor Gibson, both members of ACTION of PA, invited Rep. Scott Perry to speak to a campaign rally of their group tonight – Friday night – and to explain what is needed to secure passage of this “Right to Know” bill.

Both men of the cloth now better understand that the liberal-left is far more organized than conservative-minded Christian members of their congregations.  They pray that their congregations will help change that so that legislators don’t hear such a one-sided email and phone response when bills such as HB 1077 are heading for a floor vote.

Rep. Perry told the two Pastors that his side in this battle was outnumbered with some of his colleagues reporting the mail and phone calls running 5 to 1 against them.

When a bill goes into committee for “markup” it doesn’t always come out for a floor vote.  So often, it is “bottled up” in the committee.

If the bill does come out it is most often because a consensus of committee members has formed and a vote to release it out of committee – sometimes with changes – has taken place.

But at every step along the way, hearing from constituents who are interested in a bill – whether it is for or against it – can make a huge difference.

But the HB 1077 bill that came out of committee was very different from what had been endorsed by a majority of the GOP controlled State House of Representatives, on its way in.

It was so different from what had been earlier endorsed, that the liberal-left attack on the newly revised bill, was very effective – and caught friendly forces by complete surprise, since they’d never been consulted about or appraised of the changes in advance.

This was Rep. Perry’s explanation when he had more than a few minutes to explain the action that was promised in support of the “right to life” cause.  Between the unexpected changes, the enormous outpouring of opposition to the bill, and the relative silence of our side, the “Right to Know” bill is now in danger of defeat.

40 Republicans withdrew their support of a bill because it was totally changed.

What then, would Rep. Perry support?

Father Houser and Pastor Gibson won’t say, beyond the statement they released and which is below in its entirety.

They will only say that they left the meeting smiling and pleased, and that they have a commitment from Rep. Perry to speak at their campaign rally tonight (Friday night), and to work diligently to lead the charge for a “Women’s Right to Know” bill.

Tonight Rep. Scott Perry will speak at the ACTION of PA campaign rally – more than 18 candidates running for U.S. Senate, other statewide offices, for Congress and for state legislature – will be speaking.

But Rep. Perry won’t be speaking merely as a candidate who wants our vote for U.S. Congress on April 24.

He won’t be speaking merely as the candidate who finished in first place at the ACTION of PA candidate forum’s “straw poll” back in February.

Rep. Perry has promised to help ACTION of PA kick off a new push to enact “The Women’s Right to Know” bill in the Republican controlled House of Representatives.

That is why the two pastors – Father Houser and Pastor Gibson – ended the meeting with a prayer for Rep. Perry’s success as their champion.  And why they left the meeting happy.

No endorsements have been made in this race, not by either Pastor and not by ACTION of PA.  And we know of at least one candidate (Ted Waga to be specific) who has been VERY outspoken on the issue of the Women’s Right to Know bill pending in Harrisburg.  In fact, Waga has telephoned and has spoken to several legislators about this topic, and has been one of our information sources for some past reports on this very topic.

No, it is entirely appropriate that the prayer this past Wednesday was not for Scott Perry the candidate for Congress, but for the State Representative who may as a champion of this cause, help rally support to see “The Women’s Right to Know” bill enacted into law in Harrisburg.

I join Father Houser and Pastor Gibson in being thankful for this turn of events, and look forward to what Ted Waga and Scott Perry will have to say on this topic at the Friday night rally – free to the public – of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation in York, PA.

Here’s the news released late this afternoon (followed by the full text of their statement):

Christian Pastors Urge Rep. Scott Perry to speak out on “Women’s Right to Know” Bill, urge passage in Harrisburg

Pastor Ken Gibson and Father Samuel Houser meet with Perry, who seeks GOP nomination for U.S. Congress, invite him to speak at rally tonight

Meeting with State Representative Scott Perry, a candidate for the GOP nomination for U.S. Congress to replace the retiring Rep. Todd Platts in the May 24 GOP primary, two Christian pastors urged passage of “Women’s Right to Know” legislation to force Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to allow expectant mothers in their care to see any ultra sound image taken of their baby and urged him to speak out at a campaign rally they invited him to speak at tonight.  Perry accepted their invitation.

Pastor Gibson and Father Houser, who are leaders of “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA) said “We pray that clear statements of support will be forthcoming from Representatives such as Scott Perry favoring the “Women’s Right to Know.”

We believe it is critical that a bill should be passed and signed into law in this session, which guarantees that the mother have the right to see the ultra sound image already being done in 99% of all cases of abortion in the United States.”

Pastor Gibson, who is Chairman of the York Chapter of ACTION of PA and Father Samuel Houser, met with State Rep. Perry at Houser’s St. Patrick Catholic Church conference room on Beaver Street in York City this past Wed. for one hour.  They released a statement after the meeting in which they said that one political party which won control of the State House and Senate and Governor’s mansion “…promised in the last election to give results” but this “Right to Know” bill is stalled.

Pastor Gibson announced that one of their key advisers on this issue is Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Institute with an office in Harrisburg who was in contact with them in the hour before their meeting.

Both Pastors pledged that they will redouble their efforts, together with other pastors they are in contact with, to urge their congregations “to register to vote, to express their opinions to their legislators on public policy issues and to vote only for those candidates who clearly express that the centrality of faith is of prime importance to them as they determine public policy questions.”

ACTION of PA (York County Chapter) is a conservative Christian political action committee which endorsed three candidates for state legislature and will hold a free rally for them today April 13 at 7:15 PM at the Heritage Hills Golf Resort and has invited the public to attend.

Details about the free candidate forum and rally tonight (Friday) at 7:15 PM and the one hour reception preceding it (6 to 7 PM) are at http://www.yorkcountyaction.com.

(full text of their statement follows)

Statement of 4/11/12 regarding

Rep. Scott Perry & “Women’s Right to Know” Bill

Statement of Pastor Ken Gibson and Father Samuel Houser, after their meeting with PA State Representative Scott Perry, candidate for the GOP  nomination for U.S. Congress to replace retiring Rep. Todd Platts.  The meeting took place at the St. Patrick Church Conference Room in the city of York on Wed., April 11, with the two pastors joined by several members of St. Patrick Church. 

All of those in the meeting are members of “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA), with Pastor Gibson serving as the York County Chairman.  Rep. Scott Perry had been one of the original sponsors of House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” bill which was reported out of committee with significant changes to the original proposal.  The changes to the original which caused some 40 GOP legislators to withdraw their sponsorship, including Rep. Perry.

“We commend State Rep. Scott Perry for taking the time to meet with us today and for his work in the legislature representing his constituents and his beliefs.  We recognize the possibility that his work may continue in Washington if he is successful in his quest for a Congressional seat where he would represent more of us.  We met to express our concerns about the threat to religious liberty in America today, seek ways in which we can work together to influence public policy and learn more about the process.  We come away from our meeting convinced that Rep. Perry is a good man and faithful to important moral principles which should always guide all public policy.

“We remain concerned that the passage of important legislation such as one that would guarantee the “Women’s Right to Know,” is still in question in the state capitol of Harrisburg, despite the control of both chambers of the legislature and of the Governor’s mansion by a political party that promised in the last election to give us results.  We pray for a more favorable outcome in both the national and state public policy arenas and we continue to urge our congregations to register to vote, to express their opinions to their legislators on public policy issues and to vote only for those candidates who clearly express that the centrality of faith is of prime importance to them as they determine public policy questions.

“We pray that clear statements of support will be forthcoming from Representatives such as Scott Perry favoring the “Women’s Right to Know.”  We believe it is critical that a bill should be passed and signed into law in this session, which guarantees that the mother have the right to see the ultra sound image already being done in 99% of all cases of abortion in the United States.

“And we thank Rep. Perry for taking the time to meet with us today, and were especially pleased to pray for the success of all public policy leaders in doing what is right for America, right for their constituents and right in the eyes of our almighty Father.


HanoverHenry of RED STATE is Pat Henry on Facebook, and I’m on the lookout for new friends there. You can also communicate via private mail at Facebook, and I welcome new sources for my articles focusing on the conservative-Christian viewpoint in Pennsylvania.  I appreciate your sharing this article elsewhere and only ask that you include this “disclaimer” in any reprints or sharing you do.  And I thank those whose information have helped me with some of my reports, including those who do not wish to be quoted by name.

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Articulate conservative Andy Shaw challenges Planned Parenthood’s Favorite State Senator Pat Vance in GOP primary

Nowhere in America was the contrast between country club Republicans and grassroots conservative activists more evident than at the GOP “candidates forum” at the Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York, PA this past Monday evening.

State Senator Pat Vance is a lovely 74 year old, 7 year incumbent State Senator and the only person in the legislature with a nursing background.

She sounded like a caring, concerned, affable and constituent oriented legislator and her remarks to the group also made clear she is one who looks out for her constituents and for more effective governance.

Incumbent Senator Pat Vance delivers for her constituents.

Sorry if you don’t like it, and never mind any principles or ideologies or philosophy because, the incumbent lady proudly says, her constituents come first, and she made it very clear in her remarks, she won’t ever change that.

For example she said, her constituents would not gain a single dollar if the “School Choice” bill favored by conservatives were to be passed so of course, she opposes it.

And she helped her side block passage of this bill so strongly supported by conservatives but especially by the “values voters” who are always told to sit  at the back of the bus and wait.

In her Monday evening remarks to the “country club Republican” gathering in York County, PA she did not say anything about being considered a reliable supporter of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry in Pennsylvania.

Incumbent Senator Pat Vance didn’t refer to her opposition to House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” which has been stalled in the State House of Representatives and faces even more difficulty in the State Senate where she is ready to help send it down to defeat.

No, the affable and nice, grandmotherly State Senator says nothing about that part of her record in speaking to the Republican audience of 80 people, mostly party committeemen, officeholders and office seekers.

The very generous York Daily Record reporter called it double that – but my source is very capable of counting to 80, and as I reported yesterday, when the people in the room introduced themselves a large majority of that 80 were officials or wannabes of the GOP establishment or government incumbents.

I learned about the real Senator Pat Vance not from the initial report of the Monday night meeting and her speech there, but by my own independent research, including a visit to her opponent’s website and other information sources later as I was preparing this dispatch.

In fact, I had mentally “filed away” information I had from some of my friends at Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA – a state political action committee) including state chairman Jay McKiernan, about this particular State Senator and her role in blocking legislation his group considers important.

What I learned AFTER the report of two six minute speeches at the country club on Monday night, caused me to drop my plans for a more detailed report on the entire meeting, to focus instead here on one thing: the Senator Pat Vance versus Andy Show contest in the middle of Pennsylvania, not far from the Gettysburg battlefield.

I took very special notice of Senator Pat Vance’s role in helping stall and bottle up the “Women’s Right to Know” bill this session where Republicans control the State Senate and House in Pennsylvania.

And as readers of this space in RED STATE online know full well, I have focused attention on that bill for the past few weeks and to the 28 state House of Representatives members who withdrew their sponsorship of HB 1077 two weeks ago, throwing that issue into doubt and of course, delighting the liberal left which has outmailed and out phoned our side in putting pressure on legislators.

I will tell you directly, it has been a serious upset to me to see how much it is true what Jennifer Stefano, Katy Abrams and Mary Ellen Betty said in their sparsely attended “Activist Training” seminar last Friday at the PA Leadership Institute – the liberal left is far ahead of us in the use of social media including email, blogging, tweet and Facebook.

I saw exactly that during the past few weeks as so many of our side don’t even check email but a few times a week (if that).  Many don’t know what Twitter and Tweeting is all about.  So many either have no Facebook account or if they do, they have miniscule friends lists and don’t even check their own page but once every week or two.

In contrast to the left which has already sent one specific message after another after another and yet another and followed it up with phone calls while our side is still just getting around to checking our weekly email.

No wonder state legislators have reported to me – repeatedly and through many different sources including most recently from State Rep. Seth Grove – that many Republican legislators got 5 or 10 times more mail from the liberal left on this issue than from our side.

If artillery barrages like this help win battles – as it did for the North at the nearby site of the Battle of Gettysburg of the civil war – then our side has a distinct disadvantage in every battle in Harrisburg, PA where the liberal-left time and again outmails and outphones us in communicating their demands to state legislators.

But as a 7 year incumbent State Senator, Pat Vance, also chairman of a Senate Committee, and as she likes to remind, as the only former nurse, the commanding heights are in the hands of our enemy, before the battle even begins.

So just like at Gettysburg where a larger number of cannon are perched on top of a commanding hill, before a shot is even fired the advantages are all lined up for one side.

This is about how we might take that hill and remove one of those advantages that our opponents have in Harrisburg – State Senator Pat Vance.

So, no doubt there will be a sigh of relief from State Rep. Scott Perry and the other 28 state legislators who may have preferred that we who are reporting on how they have disappointed “values voters” give them a break and focus on the reality that we are in far bigger trouble in the far more liberal Republican State Senate in Pennsylvania.

And they would say (with my agreement I must remind you) that we also have to work on evening the battle odds with our mail and phone calls to legislators.

Yes, I will focus this morning on the commanding hilltop that is surrendered in advance to our liberal-left adversary, thanks to a State Senator like Republican Pat Vance.

State Senator Pat Vance is one of the finest representatives of the “establishment Republicans” who are willing to sound so very conservative when facing primary elections but who tack to the left when they are safely reelected.

In fact, Senator Pat Vance gets along especially well with those who values voter oriented conservatives don’t hold in the highest regard.

The incumbent’s rather nice and comfortable remarks were in rather marked contrast with those of Andy Shaw who followed her, and who offered a serious challenge.

Andy Shaw.  No Pale Pastels.

Oh yes.  Primary Challenger Andy Shaw raised up a “banner of no pale pastels” in this state senate contest – to use Ronald Reagan’s words – at the GOP country club this past Monday night.

This young, energetic and unabashedly conservative attorney Andy Shaw, in six electrifying minutes, made a very clear, persuasive, and even irrefutable case that he is a conservative running against an establishment liberal and offering a very real alternative.

In six minutes Andy Shaw offered Reaganesque “bold and vibrant colors.”

I want to tell you why conservatives who learn about him, get very excited and think of Andy Shaw’s bid for State Senate as one of the most important election races in Pennsylvania if not in America.

And just as Ronald Reagan was considered a troublemaker when he ran against GOP establishment candidates for Governor of California and then for President, his remarks contrasted to all of the other speeches of the evening which mainly told you how the wonderful personal accomplishments of the candidates meant they are more efficient and can save taxpayer money, work nicely with the other Republicans, be good members of the team, rah rah rah, ain’t Republicans great.

Andrew Shaw’s presentation was different – in fact electrifying, because he immediately showed the contrast in philosophy between him as a conservative challenger and an incumbent State Senator who is most likely Planned Parenthood’s favorite Republican.

Andy Shaw offered a stark contrast to what the incumbent said and stands for and to the few movement oriented conservatives in the room of “regular” Republicans was totally persuasive.

Andy may have cause a few heart murmurs with some of the “regulars” in the room, based on the report I have.  I am delighted if he woke a few up in that country club setting with their very fancy coffee and service, their very nice chocolate icing cake, free for all and lets all rush forward to pay our Republican dues for that.

It was the difference between a nice, country club Republican, more liberal lady who will be efficient and careful with your money as she spends it, versus a lightning bolt that commands you to sit up, stand up, and to cheer loudly as he articulates our conservative vision which will immediately summon a legion of troops to race to the sound of the guns.

Hearing about, researching and learning about this Andy Shaw for the first time this week, I heard the sound of the guns and I was very certain – prayerfully so – that others who hear what I do, will also realize the importance of enough of us racing forward to that sound, immediately, without hesitation.  Here’s why.

Andy Shaw favors school choice which is stalled in the PA State Senate because of the opposition of Pat Vance Republicans.

Andy Shaw favors immediate passage of House Bill 1077, the Women’s Right to Know act which requires Planned Parenthood to stop hiding from pregnant mothers the ultra sound image that they have already admitted that they ALREADY do in 99% of all abortions.

It is beyond my ability to imagine how a women with a nursing background like Senator Pat Vance, would defend Planned Parenthood’s demand that they continue to hide this image from an expectant mother, fearing that the sight of her own flesh and blood baby in an ultra sound image ALREADY taken, might cost her abortion industry friends some of their blood profits when a few of the mothers say I CHANGED MY MIND and depart without an abortion.

Perhaps it is because Senator Pat Vance, at age 74, no longer remembers what it was like back when she was a nurse, and what the babies look like to you, to her, to me and most important, to the mother who has never seen her own child and never will if Senator Pat Vance continues to be successful in blocking passage of HB 1077.

What does that little baby look like?

The mother will see for herself if HB 1077 takes away Planned Parenthood’s power to hold this information back from the mother – who will then see the ultra sound image of a real human being, her own flesh and blood baby, “with a heart within 18-25 days, fingers and toes by the sixth week, eyelids by the seventh week and begins sucking its thumb by the 13th to 16th week” (from the letter to the editor sent by seven State Representatives see my previous column).

Andy Shaw articulates splendidly that all law is based on right and wrong and that he will make his stand based on his moral convictions shaped by an informed conscience.

In contrast, the incumbent establishment Republican State Senator, says she delivers the bacon for her constituents, and that (in effect) “might makes right” – what my people want I deliver seems to be her basic message as it also was at Tammany Hall in New York City many years ago.

I have just described what to a liberal Republican is a horror – the very idea of a mother seeing for herself and being able to make an informed decision without pressure and now in the light instead of being kept in the dark by Senator Pat Vance and her Planned Parenthood allies who she seeks to protect.

Of course, nowadays no Republican establishment candidate in all America openly calls themselves a “liberal” or even a “progressive.”  And even the word “moderate” is hardly EVER heard.

No, everybody claims they are a conservative and the incumbent Senator is no different than anybody else seeking reelection.  She will do what it takes.

It is a marked contrast between the right (and by that I mean: what is right) versus the establishment on this and on many other issues.

Andy Shaw can tell you quickly, persuasively, why it is right to stop Planned Parenthood from hiding this information from mothers, why he believes that some of those mothers, if we do this, will see their own baby and will choose life, not death.  And it will be their informed conscience making the decision.

HB 1077 protects the right to know of the mother but it also will save babies’ lives.  And that enrages Planned Parenthood and their supporters because less dead babies means less fees for them, plain and simple.

Ironically, the same liberal-left voices always bellowing with “Occupy Wall Street” that “people come before profits” are strangely silent about this very topic when it comes to passing HB 1077.

And shouldn’t expectant mothers have the ability to make their own choice based on their own informed conscience and not be bamboozled by Planned Parenthood in its anxiety to collect some more money from another fast abortion?

Andy Shaw openly makes a strong defense of traditional marriage, opposing efforts by judges and political leaders of BOTH political parties to redefine marriage and boldly endorsing and supporting the Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment which offers permanent, legal protection for marriage as “the union of man and woman.”

An active hunter who unashamedly refers to his National Rifle Association membership, he offers a marked contrast with more liberal (ie. they call it “moderate”) Republicans when he says he will be “uncompromising” in rejecting the ongoing campaign to restrict second amendment rights.

On issue after issue Andy Shaw offers a bold conservative vision which he wants to speak out for most strongly, versus the usual “moderate” views of the County Club Republicans in whose lair he offered his alternative this past Monday night.

If Andy Shaw wins this primary against Planned Parenthood’s favorite Republican State Senator it would send a clear message to other, wavering Republicans in both chambers of the state legislature and I believe, be one of the single greatest victories of the year for those who are interested in winning more often instead of listening to more excuses.

Andy Shaw will clearly be a leader, not someone who will just focus on quietly building a good voting record and using it to get reelected.

A voting record is not the same thing as leadership, it is not the same thing as producing results, it is not the same thing as winning for our cause.

We need more than just a good voting record to help us win victories for the conservative cause.

Without a doubt, if Andy Shaw wins the primary in Pennsylvania offering such a stark contrast to the “nice nurse” who is the 74 year old, motherly but powerful incumbent “Poster Child of Planned Parenthood and the favorite GOP State Senator of the establishment Republicans and the liberal left it will send them all a “shock wave” message.

The shock will be clearly felt by every state legislator in both House and Senate who has stood on the sidelines while Pennsylvania House Bill 1077 has languished, short of the votes and short of the leadership needed for passage in the Republican controlled State Senate and State House of Representatives.

This primary is in a little over three weeks, on April 24.

Those who want to help Andy overcome the advantages that the incumbent has need to act quickly.  This is a call to arms, a clarion call for those looking for one place where they can really make a big difference with a little effort.

While other candidates running in the GOP primary in Pennsylvania have “earned” the endorsement and open support of the “establishment” regular Republicans, Andy Shaw is a challenger who most crisply and capably articulates a persuasive conservative alternative and great promise for outstanding leadership.

He did it in six minutes flat this past Monday night, and the mere report of this which reached my desk just  few hours ago immediately earned a serious look at his website by your correspondent.  I was not disappointed.

Nor will you be.  I strongly urge you to take a close look at Andy Shaw because as any combat experienced General will tell you, a few capable, highly motivated and trained “special operations forces” like Andy is worth a few dozen “straight legs” soldiers in battle any time.

On one issue after another the contrast between the youthful, vibrant and articulate conservative Andy Shaw and the 7 year incumbent “regular GOP” legislator Pat Vance, who knows how to “take care” of her constituents and who is so cozy with Planned Parenthood and the “powers that be” who she deals with in Harrisburg, is stark, clear.

For those who want to make sure that Planned Parenthood gets every possible dollar they can from their abortions the presence of an Andy Shaw in the Pennsylvania State Senate would be a nightmare.

For those who want to tell us why school choice – the requirement that the government HAS your child and doesn’t EVER want parents choosing where their child is educated – the presence of an articulate defender of the conservative alternative would be a nightmare.

For those who keep telling values voters to be patient, go to the back of the bus, we cannot deal with your issues this year, wait til next time, for those who are tired of waiting and the excuses:

Andy Shaw is a serious alternative.

Andy Shaw is not going to wait, but will offer a clear voice for those who need champions in government – an advocate for parents, for the unborn, for conservatives who do not want to keep hearing how government will be more efficient if only we can wait, if only we can give them more time.

Making union membership and dues voluntary and getting the government out of the business of coercing and forcing people to pay those dues – and even collecting it for the labor unions – will be a priority for Andy Shaw.

Yes, Andy will take on the labor union bosses.  Another nightmare for the “regulars” who would really prefer to just lay off this topic and not “provoke” the way that Governor Scott Walker did in Wisconsin – and who is now facing a nationally funded “recall” election as a result of his efforts to strip away monopoly power to coerce workers into joining labor unions.

In this day and age when so many candidates for office – including within the ranks of the Republican Party – say that your faith and your belief in God should be carefully hidden and you should be totally silent on this topic, Andy Shaw offers an articulate alternative. (see my previous column on then Sen. John F. Kennedy’s “separation of church and state” speech in 1960 HERE).

Andy Shaw flat out says on his webpage and in his remarks that his “commitment to God, Andrea (his wife) and his children are his highest calling and priority.”

You will never hear words like that pass the lips of many other of the “regular” Republicans, including the one endorsed by Governor Corbett and the State GOP Committee to be our nominee for U.S. Senator.

No, it isn’t a matter of standing firm however much it costs you in the election.

The values voters and the old time Reaganites never believed in “better to be right than to win.”

They never believed in “I may lose but I’m right.”

That is a liberal myth and they trot it out every time an articulate conservative comes along to challenge their monopoly power and their comfortable incumbents.

We want conservative nominees in the GOP because most of the time when we unite behind such articulate champions for our cause – like Andy Shaw – we not only win but we help sweep others of our philosophy into office along with us.

Each one we help win like Andy Shaw helps many dozens of other campaigns and races, helps us win where we would have lost many other battles in the state legislature.

In the last few dozen years there’s always been but a handful of very inspiring, effective, consistent, articulate leaders for the conservative cause on the national scene.  The leaders who exert a massive and positive influence for our cause.

They include Ronald Reagan, the late Senator Jesse Helms.  Judge and former Senator Jim Buckley and of course, his brother William.  More recently, Congressman Tim Ryan, Senators Jim DeMint, James Inhofe, Jeff Sessions, Marco Rubio.

Simply from the reports I have reviewed tonight and am sharing with you about his performance this past Monday evening in front of a GOP “country club” group and my study of his website this evening, I predict that if Andy Shaw wins his race he may very well serve the conservative cause with such distinction in the Pennsylvania state capital as a State Senator.

I predict that if you will help him win this State Senate primary race then thanks to you, Andy Shaw will some day take his place in the ranks of other nationally known, highly effective, inspiring, influential conservatives like Reagan, the Buckley brothers, Helms, Ryan, DeMint, Inhofe, Sessions, Rubio.

But he faces an uphill battle to defeat a 7 years entrenched incumbent who made the “country club” Republicans this past Monday night very happy, who as a Senate Committee Chairman will do very well in raising money and in having the party regulars work overtime to turn back the conservative challenger and keep this State Senate seat safe “in a very “red state” section of battleground Pennsylvania.

In the last election having a dull McCain at the top of the ticket, even with the electrifying Sarah Palin (who boosted him temporarily ahead of Obama for several weeks) depressed the vote turnout here in south Central PA, nearly ten percentage points LOWER than the past, which helped Barack Obama carry Pennsylvania with his boosted vote turnout (thanks ACORN!!) in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

If we put an Andy Shaw forward as the GOP nominee for State Senate it will massively boost voter turnout because the troops who hear him and see him leading from the front will rally to this flag as much as they ever have for any candidate we have ever had for our conservative cause.

Putting Andy Shaw forward as our nominee could help the United States Senate challenger against incumbent Democrat Bob Casey, whose staunch support of President Obama can be an albatross around his neck this year.

Putting Andy Shaw forward as the GOP nominee for State Senate instead of more liberal Pat Vance, can boost turnout and help put battleground Pennsylvania into the GOP column for President and decide whether Barack Obama is reelected.

You don’t need to be a resident of the district to help Andy Shaw win this battle.

I would echo Erick Erickson of RED STATE who reminded us in a recent column, that the vote index of a candidate is not the only measure of how effective someone is as a conservative leader.

In all of the ways that Erick articulated I predict that Andy Shaw will be in the front rank of conservative leaders and will have an enormous influence well beyond the borders of his district for our cause.

Erick Erickson said clearly: we must be alert for opportunities like this, and he asked his readers to be on the lookout.

This column in large measure is my response to Erick Erickson’s call to RED STATERS, my report on what I found in Pennsylvania.

As Erick asked: do we want to considered a paper tiger or be taken seriously?

As I will put it: are we toothless or is our bite going to be much more effective than our bark?

Andy Shaw’s website is open and ready to receive your visit and if you see in him what I do – what Phyllis Schlafly long ago called “a choice, not an echo” and a very serious champion for us conservatives who has a lot of miles left on his odometor at age 37.

There are many ways you can help him regardless of where you live.

You can pass this article around using RED STATE (register if you haven’t!!!), refer it, “like” it, talk about it via email, via Facebook, using COMMENT at Red State and at Facebook and anywhere else you can, share the link, donate and if you live within driving range of his south central Pennsylvania district you can volunteer to work in his campaign in the next three weeks, you can pitch in a few dollars and a few hours to make phone calls, make a difference, make a stand.

You can write Andy Shaw at his website simply to tell him you read this here, and you are praying for him to win and that you are thankful that he is making this stand for us.

You know that with his faith and with a cancer survivor wife (Andrea) that Andy is a strong believer in the power of prayer and if there’s nothing else you can do, you can pray for him and tell him you are praying for him.

I will tell you flat out: there’s not many running in America who offer us conservatives such a clear cut and exciting choice, and who if he wins, will be giving us a lot of years into the future as an effective and articulate champion for our values and for our beliefs.

And if Andy Shaw wins we get the bonus of retiring Planned Parenthood’s favorite Republican from the Senate, on top of that!  I suggest you check it out.  I have.

To arms, conservatives and especially values voters.  Ride to the sound of the guns.  Join Andy.


HanoverHenry is Pat Henry on Facebook, and I’m on the lookout for new friends there. You can also communicate via private mail at Facebook, and I welcome new sources for my articles focusing on the conservative-Christian viewpoint in Pennsylvania.  And I thank those whose information have helped me with some of my reports, including those who do not wish to be quoted by name.

Links to articles I wrote at RED STATE at my Facebook Notes section. 

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Country Club Republicans Surrender after Phony Planned Parenthood “Vaginal Probe” assault in Pennsylvania?

Following a meeting of the York County GOP for a “candidates forum at a (I kid you not) “Country Club” in York last night, there still appears no movement on the issue of strongest interest to the “values voters” of Pennsylvania, the “Women’s Right to Know” House Bill 1077, called by other media sources and liberals the “ultrasound” bill.

I’ve been reporting developments on this after 28 legislators followed State Rep. Scott Perry, a candidate for an open seat in this very red state part of the Commonwealth, in withdrawing their HB 1077 sponsorship.

The GOP legislator’s retreat – leaving their other colleagues on the battlefield – came about after the Planned Parenthood advocates had launched a phony and false campaign claiming that the law would force women seeking abortions (euphemism: “women’s healthcare”) to be “raped” with a “vaginal probe.”

The claim is utterly false.

But a major part of the problem may very well be found at the sparseness in the attendance at this past Friday morning’s “internet activist” school at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (PLC).

I note with sadness that, as usual, the crowd was MUCH larger to hear the big name speakers – Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Gov. Nikki Haley, and dinner speaker, Fox TV commentator and pollster Frank Luntz but much thinner to hear the “how to” part of the conference – how to IMPLEMENT the conservative ideas.

Yes, the size of the crowd wanting to learn how to better influence public policy in the “activist workshop” was so very small – 1/10th the size – at the high water mark of an impressive 800 attendees at this past weekend’s PLC – the Commonwealth’s version of the Washington, DC based Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the state capital area of Harrisburg.

If only more people were willing to learn how to use Facebook, twitter and other social media, including free blog options such as blogger, wordpress and of course, the ready-to-go without any fuss at all option of RED STATE, then conservatives wouldn’t be so outnumbered when it comes to facing off in battles with the left.

The 9 AM conference kick off started with an “Activist Workshop” conducted by three ladies who focused on Twitter while mentioning the other “social media” – and they were full of noteworthy success stories.

Jennifer Stefano, is the state director of Americans for Prosperity and their related Foundation in PA.  Katy Abrams is the same two groups’ Director of Policy.  And Mary Ellen Betty is Director of Citizen Outreach at the Franklin Center.

One of them reported that in Pennsylvania the liberal-left has our side massively outnumbered when it comes to the use of social media, and as a direct result they often make it appear to legislators they are trying to influence that they have far more citizens on their side than we conservatives do.

And as a result, battles are won and lost on twitter and facebook and with blogging, that could otherwise have been won if more conservatives used these tools instead of not even participating in the battles.

Nowhere is this one-sided disparity more evident than in the recent defeat for conservatives in Harrisburg when 28 legislators followed State Rep. Scott Perry in withdrawing their sponsorship of “The Women’s Right to Know” legislation (House Bill 1077) in the face of an onslaught of emails and phone calls launched by advocates for Planned Parenthood.

The liberal-left’s phony campaign for “women’s rights” and “women’s health” is in truth, a demand that legislators keep women in the dark and not allow them to see the ultra sound images which they admit are already done in 99% of all abortions they conduct.

Not wishing to slow things down or lose a few when some of the expectant mothers realize that the image they are looking at is their own flesh and blood child, a real baby, the abortion proponents who oppose passage of HB 1077 use the rather libertarian argument that they simply wish to stop the government from in effect, raping a woman who wants an abortion.

Yes, they claim it is a “rape” if you “force” the “health care provider” (their name for an abortion mill) to allow the woman to actually SEE the ultra sound image that shows their baby.

Such an image is ALREADY being done 99% of the time, as I reported in a previous article in this space, so there is no such truth to their claims.

They also claim that a “vaginal probe” is what the bill will require – which is also NOT what the Right to Life forces ever demanded and is NOT something that would happen.

But scaring the legislators to death with the “no vaginal probes” signs and rhetoric along with an onslaught of phone calls and emails for “women’s health” and “women’s rights” combined with their usually reliable media helpers’ frantic articles – overwhelmed HB 1077 supporters as much as 10 to 1 in some cases, the liberal-left won last week.

And the simple truth is that more of their side uses Twitter, Facebook and blogs – all free resources available to anyone – than our side does.

If you were sitting in a state legislator’s office two weeks ago with what can only be described as a massive artillery barrage from a hostile enemy coming down on your head, it would have surely looked to you like we are massively outnumbered and need to order an immediate retreat or be destroyed.

That is why State Rep. Scott Perry and 28 legislators withdrew their sponsorship, delighting the liberal-left forces employing their false “libertarian” argument simultaneously with their traditional “we want ours” arguments “in behalf of all women” combined with the “terror tactic” of claiming we were going to “vaginally probe” all the women who walk into a Planned Parenthood office.

Our sources report that Rep. Perry is prepared to meet with a group of HB 1077 supporters within the week to listen to their presentation and to explain what he is prepared to do to support their cause – but also to honestly ask them, WHAT are you prepared to do to help us win the next round with all that we are facing?

It is a pointed challenge which I wish to join him in asking.

Perry has emerged as a key figure in this battle because he seeks the GOP nomination to run for Congress in the 4th Congressional District of south central PA, an open seat with the pending retirement of the affable and popular six term U.S. Rep. Todd Platts, who generally has a less conservative voting record than his district supports.

One of Perry’s sympathizers told us we should note that with his military background, and with the overwhelming liberal-left-galvanized onslaught that legislators faced last week, he may have done what any battle commander of troops under sudden fire would have done.

Facing overwhelming and unexpected attack, rather than stand firm, and rather than charge forward, and seeing no help coming up behind him, no supporting artillery fire or air support, he backed away with his forces so as to minimize casualties and deny the enemy the chance to destroy his troops and take his position.

That argument is plausible when one reviews the record of Scott Perry on a host of other issues of major importance to conservatives where he has truly distinguished himself, such as his leading role in passage of the “Castle Doctrine,” the recently passed Voter ID law and on a host of anti-illegal immigration issues.

It would be ludicrous after all of that for anyone to think Scott Perry can be labeled “liberal” by any fair minded person.

But it doesn’t wash with those interested in the social issues and who feel they are always being ordered to “the back of the bus” and we’ll deal with your issues some other time as has happened to them time and again over recent years.

“They have no excuse for failure if they cannot pass such a simple and basic “Women’s Right to Know” bill and defeat Planned Parenthood and the liberal left minority when Republicans have control of the State House of Representatives, the State Senate and the Governor’s mansion here in Pennsylvania” we were told by one of the conservatives pushing for HB 1077 passage.

Another of my readers in south Central Pennsylvania, posted a message in reaction to my last report on this battle.  On her Facebook “wall” Ann Bunn wrote, referring to her GOP primary vote in next 30 days to select the GOP nominee to run for Congress,

“I’m not voting for Perry for sure.”  Ted Waga is firm on the life issue, I see.” (ie. from this past Saturday’s report).

“I’ve made up my mind-as a Catholic- the life issue is NON NEGOTIABLE. We are REQUIRED to be one issue voters if need be, or answer for it in the afterlife. Keep that in mind.”

What is important about such a comment is that Ann is not only a very active and knowledgeable Catholic and major user of the “social media” being taught at the “activist training workshop” this past Friday morning, but was also one of the organizers of the recent “candidate’s forum” of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation” (ACTION of PA) for the candidates for this congressional seat.

Besides being a member of the 12 person behind the scenes “working group” that put on the highly attended ACTION OF PA event, she and her husband hosted its first two meetings at their home, which helped build an attendance for the independent Christian-conservative activist group that was double the size with 150, of the “York County Republican Party Candidate Forum” held tonight at the Heritage Hills Country Club in York, with about 80 in attendance, held last night.

The huge disparity between the two groups’ similar events goes well beyond their size.

The GOP meeting was held at a country club much closer to the center of York County – no joke.

The York County ACTION group actually went OUTSIDE of their own county to a diner to make it more convenient to Adams County neighbors they hoped to attract to their Congressional district forum – and they still had double the Republican numbers.

The GOP group featured candidates for U.S. Senate, Statewide Office and candidates for various offices in the state.  The conservative Christian group had candidates for only two offices, an open House seat and an open State Representative seat.

And the most important distinction in comparing the two groups is not even the raw numbers.

Our source at the GOP meeting reports that every person in the room introduced themselves, table by table – and it turns out that most of the people present are actually candidates for office, or officeholders of the government or of the Republican Party.

At the GOP meeting it was mostly Chiefs but few Indians – mostly Generals and few troops.

In contrast, at the gathering of self described Christian conservatives there were mostly activists and donors and very few “generals” in attendance.

In other words, people like John and Ann Bunn who do not seek office, do not seek recognition, and who quietly make use of social media like Facebook to influence policy and build their small circle of like minded friends.

The “country club Republicans” had less than 20% of the volunteers that the conservative Christian group had.

The motivation of one group appears to be to hold onto their various offices they hold, while the other group is to influence policy in a conservative-Christian direction.

John and Ann were two of the many who volunteer their time for church, civic and conservative oriented issues regularly.  At that candidates’ forum it was but one more for them, where Ann was also the volunteer “vote counter” leading a group of 5 pairs of volunteers who tabulated the straw poll results for the GOP nomination for Congress and state representative.

That “straw vote” showed Rep. Scott Perry earning a major win versus second place retired US Army (Rangers) Major and attorney Sean Summers, 85.8% favorable rating versus 71.2%.

A very narrow third place favorable rating went to Ted Waga with 70.3% – barely 1 percentage point with four other candidates finishing behind those three with scores from the low of 55% to the 67.8 to York County Commissioner Chris Reilly.

So Ann may be considered representative or above average for a group which looks at “values voters issues” such as the right to life and the sanctity of marriage as their most critical concerns – even though Ann and her husband are both avid gun owners and concerned about many other conservative issues.

Ann came to my attention not only because of her work but because she went to the extra step – as an “internet activist” who spends at least a few minutes a day using these tools to influence public policy.

But she posted the link to one of my columns on this right to life issue at the facebook page of the rival to State Rep. Scott Perry’s bid for Congress – Ted Waga.

Waga told one of our sources this past week that he telephoned several state legislators to ask them to support HB 1077.  ”And it is also important to thank those who are standing firm so I also called to thank Rep. Stan Saylor” he reported.

Waga was saddened to learn in that phone call that Rep. Saylor was one of the legislators who joined Rep. Scott Perry in withdrawing as a sponsor of HB 1077.  You can communicate with Rep. Saylor at ssaylor@pahousegop.com.

In attendance at the GOP “country club” meeting last night, Ted Waga – along with our source – thanked Rep. Seth Grove for his continued support as a sponsor of HB 1077.

Seth also spoke at the “candidates forum” of the ACTION OF PA group last month where he received a very enthusiastic response to his remarks.

We were advised that, like all the other legislators who we have heard from, Rep. Grove last night reported that his mail and phone calls are running very much against HB 1077.

Rep. Grove said by a 5 to 3 margin the other side has the edge, but he is aware of other legislators who are facing FAR more unfriendly mail on this topic.

And therein lies the challenge for social conservatives, who I fear, may well be the most “backward” of the three branches of the conservative cause (defense, economic and social issue conservatives), often not even checking their email but once a week, and having no facebook page, and not even being aware of what “tweeting” means and rarely being involved or reading websites like RED STATE.

Either we learn and make better use, in better numbers, of these social media and internet tools as Ann Bunn does.  Or we will lose 28 legislators as we just did who are not ready to “die on that hillside” defending our views in  Harrisburg and Washington against a foe who appears to outnumber us by such a large margin on an issue such as HB 1077.

It does little good after the battle is lost, to elect a new legislator to the state senate or house of representatives or to the Congress, who will still be heavily outnumbered because the other side keeps beating us in the numbers of phone calls and emails generated to influence policy.

We either need thousands more of the John and Ann Bunn’s, or we need to get used to losing.

It isn’t just a matter of whether or not they vote conservative, as this battle for HB 1077 clearly illustrates.

I reported recently on seven legislators who wrote a “letter to the editor” explaining why they support HB 1077, for example.

That won’t affect their vote rating but conservatives should understand who is a leader and who is a follower.  It takes a little extra effort.

Erick Erickson wrote of this very matter several times recently, pointing to a great conservative leader in Illinois who went down to defeat in a primary – and who has constantly been a reliable fighter for our causes.

Another candidate for the open Congressional seat which State Rep. Scott Perry and Ted Waga are seeking is the candidate who finished in 2nd place, Sean Summers in that ACTION of PA straw poll last month.

Asked his position on HB 1077 at the GOP “candidates forum” country club meeting in York last night he said he is not going to get involved in that one.

“What about the fact that you are a voter and a citizen in this area, and can have an influence that way” we were told he was asked.  But he declined to further comment.

Sean Summers has much to recommend him as a candidate – as witnessed by his edging out Ted Waga by one percentage point at last month’s ACTION of PA gathering mentioned above.

But would Summers have finished second with this group if they knew back then, that on HB 1077 which their members support so strongly, he would have no comment and not be willing to get involved?

Our source who provided this information had ranked him a “4″ (as did his wife) in the straw poll after hearing him but would have given him a zero if he knew this answer back then.

If three others in the room (and you can be sure Ann Bunn and her husband would have been two of them) then Summers would have finished 3rd behind Ted Waga instead of ahead of him by one percentage point.

You can do the math for yourself at the website that the raw vote totals were posted.

Summers had 427 points (each person can vote a score of 1 to 5 as their evaluation, 5 being the highest).  Waga had 422.

If two people who gave them both a “4″ ranking after hearing them, changed to 5 for Waga and “1″ for Summers that is a differential of 3 points for each.

Five people doing that would have removed 15 points from Summers, giving them to Waga who would have easily jumped into a commanding 2nd place finish.

To catch up to Scott Perry a change by (to make up the 93 points difference) just 16 people in the room would have altered the outcome and produced a victory for the unknown Sergeant who works as a Baltimore County Police Officer against the well known State Representative with so many endorsements from party officials.

But the fact remains, one side in this battle is “swamping the boat” of state Representatives with mail and our side ain’t it.

If HB 1077 is not to be lost – instead of just delayed – it may very well happen ONLY if a large number of people who read this column, take action as we recommend.

One of the presenters at that sparsely attended internet workshop this past Friday at the PA Leadership Conference said that, despite popular perception, our goal should NOT be to simply elect more good people to office so we win battles like this one.

Remember: we ALREADY HAVE a majority we helped elect in Harrisuburg, PA.

Our goal should be, attendees at the “Internet Activist” school were told, to make the bad ones afraid to vote against us when there is a showdown in the legislature.

Not just win elections and then go home til next time.

All too often I see conservatives just complain when the vote doesn’t go the way we want.  So many of the loudest complainers don’t participate in Republican Party primaries – often because (they loudly say) they cannot see any difference between the two Parties.

Talk about a self fulfilling prophesy: if those complainers had their way MORE conservatives would not participate, and then MORE often, we’d see more liberal Republicans winning the primaries and then we would be faced with EXACTLY what they were complaining about – no choice between the Republican liberal and the Democrat liberal in the general election.

We need to engage here, and we need to use the social media tools to stay more informed, a little bit every day.

You can help by learning more about Facebook, twitter and other forms of social media – such as RED STATE but most important, by reaching out to others to bring them in with you as well.

You can build your Facebook and twitter following (I am inspired by this just as I hope you are – and challenged to learn more) a little bit every day, every week.

And you can influence state legislators – especially on issues like HB 1077, the Women’s Right to Know bill, by using the options available here at RED STATE to bring this information to the attention of other people – to build website platforms like RED STATE, ever larger.

If there were more RED STATE readers, if there were more people in PA and across America who did as I asked – write an email or make a phone call to the key players in this right to life battle being fought out in Harrisburg and in Washington we’d do much better in getting our legislation passed and our opponents stopped.

Perhaps you consider them to be hard, callous, non-caring people – the GOP leaders who measure each sides’ numbers before they decide how they will vote in Harrisburg and in Washington, DC.

Perhaps you are angry at State and Washington GOP leaders who count heads and count incoming emails and phone calls.

Perhaps if Robert E. Lee had done that better and in advance – counted heads and studied the terrain and his enemy order of battle – at Gettysburg the North would not have won that pivotal battle of the Civil War.

But he charged into battle without reports from his cavalry “eyes and ears” – the missing Gen. JEB Stuart.  The “glorious cause” as they called it, failed because of no recon.

Lee attacked an enemy who had the hilltops, had better interior lines vs his forces spread out and less able to communicate, and had larger and better positioned artillary.  He simply didn’t have that information.

There’s a lesson to be learned here.

I don’t get angry at those who can count.

I want to learn how to count too, and change the order of battle so we have better chances of winning.

I want to study what our enemy is doing so we can marshal our best arguments to defeat them AND TO THEN SHARE that information with my friends and allies – better “interior lines of communication” with my own troops as Robert E. Lee did not have at Gettysburg but his union opponent, DID.

Another source reminds me that in the Vietnam war, American platoons were sometimes sent into battle to seize a hill, suffered enormous casualties and then departed, leaving the Communists to re-take the hill at no cost.

Battles such as that caused many Americans to simply give up on the Vietnam war and demand politicians end it.  The enemy won in part, because our side messed up and they wore us down.

“There are Republicans in Harrisburg determined not to fight any “Hamburger Hill” battles that make them lose their majority in the State House, Senate and even lose the Governor’s mansion” I was told by this source.

So we will either need to do better in communicating to our representatives WHILE INCREASING our ranks – readers of RED STATE, twitter followers, facebook friends.

Or take solace in joining Ann Bunn in voting for candidates for office who were not afraid despite the odds, after we lose yet another battle.

For me, I’d rather have it all.  Fight the right battles in the right place and then ALSO help the best candidates best able and willing to lead for us, to win primaries and go on to win elections.

You can help in this one battle – no Hamburger Hill is this – to help pass “The Women’s Right to Know” bill by sending an email or making a phone call (or both) to some of the pivotal figures in the battle:

State Representative Kathy Rapp is the main sponsor – write to thank her – of the “Women’s Right to Know” bill, HB 1077.  klrapp@pahousegop.com

State Representative Scott Perry wants to be a US Congressman from a very “red” part of Pennsylvania  district with an open seat, but has withdrawn as a sponsor of HB 1077.  Write him – noting he has been a past strong champion of many conservative battles and served this country in uniform – at SPerry@pahousegop.com.

If you live in Pennsylvania these two resources should get your immediate attention – they have information on how you can help and especially, how to send an email to your own state Representative and State Senator.

PA Family Institute “Action webpage for HB 1077″


State Rep. Kathy Rapp’s “Action” page for HB 1077.

You can help by sending those emails, making those phone calls, and if you live in PA visit those two sites and take further action.  And you can share the link to this article with others as Ann Bunn did.

You can open a Facebook page if you haven’t already, expand your circle of friends, and relentlessly promote over there, the articles you like best over here – it is but a simple “click” at the top of this page.

If you are not yet registered at RED STATE then do it – you can from within our ranks, from within this site, have much better ability to use the tools that are here, only if you register.  I hope you will.

The fight for passage of the “Women’s Right to Know,” HB 1077, is no Hamburger Hill, no senseless battle to seize a hilltop that has no real value.

This is a battle to curb unfettered power by the far left supporters of Planned Parenthood, who ruthlessly lie about “vaginal probes” to whip their followers into a mad frenzy and persuade frightened state legislators that they will lose their majorities if they do not yield the hill and retreat from the fight.

We conservatives must stand our ground and demand action.  But we must increase our influence by being better armed for these battles – and RED STATE and social media in combination, along with better numbers, is essential in my view.

If a Republican Party with majority control in Pennsylvania cannot deliver on this HB 1077, then when can we ever win for the so often maligned and ignored values voters of the Republican Party?  And if not right now, here, then when, and where?

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Values voters” push for Rep. Scott Perry and 28 State Reps who withdrew as sponsors of right to life “ultra sound” bill to return to the fold at PA Leadership Conference

An informal survey by members of “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA) of other values voter organizations represented at this past weekend’s Pennsylvania Leadership Conference reveals unanimous sentiment to push on for passage of  the troubled “Women’s Right to Know” bill.

Last week it was reported in this RED STATE corner that 28 state legislators followed the lead of Pennsylvania State Representative Scott Perry in withdrawing their co-sponsorship of House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” bill which would have forced Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in the Commonwealth to allow a pregnant women they are trying to rush through for an abortion to see the ultra sound image.

As a result of this withdrawal there is no longer a majority of House members supporting passage of the bill, which puts it in limbo at best and finished – defeated – for this legislative year at worst.

The leftist organizations who opposed any regulation or restriction on Planned Parenthood’s unfettered ability to rush-abort every mother’s child who comes through their doors stirred up a mass of emails and phone calls from their own supporters to state legislators which caught them and the supporters of HB 1077 by complete surprise.

Some of our sources spoke directly to conservative legislators who remain steadfast in their support of HB 1077 but reported to us that the emails and phone calls outnumbers them by a one sided 2 to 1 and even 3 to 1 margin and in some cases even greater.

Sources close to one of those legislators, Rep. Will Tallman, flat out said it is critical that those who value the right to life should be writing  to their own legislators and to key leaders in this battle immediately (we provide a means of doing that below).

But unanimous and strong support for HB 1077 emerged after values voter organizations represented at the PA Leadership Conference indicated their willingness to accept the sole legislative requirement that they could not compromise on, which is the “women’s right to know” and to see any ultra sound image made by Planned Parenthood, which has previously admitted that it already did such imaging 99% of the time.

Our sources also reported from the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference that members of “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation” (ACTION of PA), had informally surveyed other values-voter interest groups at the conference.

My original article on this subject of Saturday – reporting on the start of the Conference on Friday – questioned “invisible proponents of HB 1077 at PA Leadership Conference?

But after that Saturday morning article appeared things seemed to change later in the morning and into the early afternoon.

“Hard copies” of that Saturday early AM article at RED STATE online, were actually seen in circulation at the conference and were a topic of discussion from some of the legislators and activists in attendance at the conference and some of the “values voter” interest groups there.

Some of the organizations which expressed very strong support for House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” legislation requiring Planned Parenthood to allow a women to see any ultrasound image taken of her child PRIOR to their doing the abortion, and which were either Conference Co-Sponsors or Exhibitors, include:

Eagle Forum is led by the legendary and ever-popular Phyllis Schlafly – who was a major speaker at a previous PA Leadership Conference two years ago.  (Facebook) (Website)

Pennsylvania Family Institute. at Facebook (Facebook) (Website)

Concerned Women for America at Facebook (Facebook) (Website)

Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA) York County Chapter (Facebook), Chester County Chapter (Facebook) (State Website).

State Representative Will Tallman, cited in a previous RED STATE article in this space for his own leadership as an outspoken supporter and co-sponsor of this bill, especially praised HB 1077 sponsor, State Rep. Kathy Rapp.  The sentiment was echoed from several other sources.

State Rep. Rapp has set up an “action page” dedicated to passage of the “Women’s Right to Know” legislation.

Several of our sources cited the particularly effective work of Thomas J. Shaheen, Vice President for Public Policy and Michael Geer, President, of the Pennsylvania Family Leadership Institute in pushing for passage of HB 1077 (Facebook).

The PA Family Institute has a website page dedicated to the subject of HB 1077.

To go directly to the page which allows you to send an email to your own legislators (your state Rep and State Senator) even if you do not know their name, click HERE.

Our sources at the conference – such as ACTION of PA Adams County Chairman Dan Wilson, report that Representative Scott Perry was at the conference and told him that he will support the “Right to Know” bill but is still looking at what final draft language he would be comfortable supporting.

ACTION of PA State Chairman Jay McKiernan told one of our sources that the member of his group who had requested a meeting with State Rep. Scott Perry by email early Friday morning, had still not heard back from him as of Saturday.

The “Women’s Right to Know” is the critical part of this legislation which Representative Perry would support if that is what is in the final bill, according to Dan Wilson.

Many of the conservative and values voters organizations at the PA Leadership Conference expressed strong disappointment that Rep. Perry and 28 legislators had withdrawn their support of the bill which came out of the Committee and was on its way for a final vote.

The conservative and values voters leaders at the conference, especially including Michael Geer of PA Family Institute, say that they would be delighted if this “Women’s Right to Know” bill can win passage with Rep. Perry’s help and remain hopeful that the details will be worked out quickly between him and the 28 legislators who withdrew their support of the House Committee passed bill so it can be quickly passed.

Perry won the highest evaluation by attendees at an “ACTION of PA” candidate forum breakfast straw poll last month with 85% approval, pledging to be a very strong right to life U.S. Congressman for the south-central Pennsylvania district in his speech to the 150 attendees.

Perry is seeking the seat of retiring 6 term U.S. Representative Todd Platts.  All of the seven candidates running for that seat did very well at the ACTION of PA but third place finisher Ted Waga told one of our sources that he personally called his primary opponent urging a vote for HB 1077, as well as several other legislators.

One of our PA Leadership Conference sources speculated that the subject of HB 1077 may very well come up in the congressional candidate debate of the York County GOP for tonight (Monday) after one of our readers posted the link to one of last week’s articles about Scott Perry’s withdrawal at the Facebook page of Ted Waga and it elicited a response from several people there, including Waga.

Another area legislator who spoke at last month’s ACTION of PA and whose remarks earned him  enthusiastic applause, is State Representative Seth Grove, who remains  a staunch suporter of HB 1077.

Seven legislators wrote a “letter to the editor” in which they dispel the myths and lies being reported to people by supporters of Planned Parenthood.

State Representatives Bryan Cutler, Ryan Aument, Tom Creighton, Gordon Denlinger, Dave Hickernell, Scott Boyd and John Bear wrote to support the bill they have co-sponsored with State Rep. Kathy Rapp.

Acknowledging that the bill is “controversial” and “potentially polarizing” they complain in a published letter to the Editor in a Lancaster, PA publication that their opponent’s emotional attack on them is in fact “devoid of facts.”

The fundamental issue they write, is that “women deserve access to all pertinent health information.”

While it should be evident that Planned Parenthood always seeks an expeditious abortion for pregnant mothers, many people are not aware that an ultra sound is ALREADY done by 99% of their clinics, in a survey of such clinics.

Anything which an expectant mother sees which might cause her to change her mind, is not something the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is eager to show a mother, despite their already doing such an ultra sound as part of their regular procedure.

The legislators’ wrote that mothers who later expressed remorse after the abortion said that they did not really understand that the life inside them was a developing baby.  “The baby has uniquely identifiable DNA and develops a heart within 18-25 days, fingers and toes by the sixth week, eyelids by the seventh week and begins sucking its thumb by the 13th to 16th week.”

And so it is not only a matter of religious faith that a human life is at stake with HB 1077 “but it also is proven by science” says the “letter to the editor” of the seven legislators.

We strongly urge readers who support HB 1077, the PA “Women’s Right to Know” legislation, to take three immediate actions to give voice to that support.

First, go to the PA Family Institute’s “Action page” to support this bill, where they will help you to send an immediate email message to your state Senator and Representative.

Second, send a “thank you” support email to the sponsor of HB 1077, State Rep. Kathy Rapp at klrapp@pahousegop.com

Third, send an email to State Rep. Scott Perry, who has at this point still not replied to the email by a member of ACTION of PA with him and his wife and some other leaders and members of the organization.  He has already told this ACTION of PA member at Gettysburg last week with Rick Santorum, that he is willing to have such a meeting.

None of those seeking this meeting with him have endorsed any candidate for the Congressional seat that Perry seeks, although one told me that they all gave him a favorable rating in their own personal ballot at last month’s Action of PA straw poll which he won.  Write SPerry@pahusegop.com.

At this past Friday’s “Activist Workshop” to teach people how to use social media including Facebook and Twitter to influence public policy, there were three ladies who did the presentation and earned very high marks from those in attendance for a clear and easy to understand but nonetheless inspiring presentation.

The three presenters who spoke from 9 AM until 12 noon ere: Jennifer Stevano, PA state director of Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation in Pennsylvania.  Katy Abrams is the Director of Policy of Americans for Prosperity Foundation-Pa, and Mary Ellen Betty, Director of Citizen Outreach at the Franklin Center.

They emphasized that in Pennsylvania, the left is very far ahead of our side in the use of social media such as Facebook and twitter.

The story of HB 1077 very much illustrates this disparity, with all day Friday going by and no evidence being found that most of the values voter organizations members present had knowledge of recent developments on their issue, and only a few actually attended the three hour Friday morning social media workshop.

By Saturday at conference adjournment there seemed to be a new determination to make use of such media – and RED STATE was mentioned in the Friday seminar by one of the readers of my column as an example.

Whether we win or lose on HB 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” bill in Pennsylvania, could in part be determined by whether conservative and values voters realize that you can in fact, teach an old dog, new tricks.

(my earlier articles on this subject are: Women’s Right to Know Bill Endangered as PA Rep. Scott Perry and 28 Legislators Retreat, and Mad Barbarians at the Gate in Gettysburg. and this past Saturday, Supporters Plan Counter Offensive to Back Women’s Right to Know – HB 1077 – at PA Leadership Conference.)

HanoverHenry is Pat Henry on Facebook, and I’m on the lookout for new friends there.

Links to articles I wrote at RED STATE at my Facebook Notes section. 

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Gettysburg, a tale of two crowds: Santorum vs warmed over 1960s protestors

The crowd who showed up to “protest” Rick Santorum’s arrival last night to speak to an overflow crowd of supporters and assembled TV cameras and a national audience in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, looked like a solid phalanx of leftists transported from the 1960′s and slightly warmed over for this 2012 appearance, according to various on the scene eyewitness accounts.

But mixed in with the group of disgruntled, sloppy looking protesters with faces scrunched up with hatred and carrying a wide ranging batch of anti-America and anti-Santorum and other angry protest signs – including the memorable “no vaginal probe” signs – were the “Ron Paul for President” signs.

One could not tell one outside protestor group from the other outside protestor group – they all appeared to be there to “protest” Rick Santorum and get some free TV air time for their “protest” cause and they mingled together in their protesting party in the warm spring evening.

It would be impossible to video the crowd without getting them all together in the same image – Ron Paulies and anti-war, anti-Santorum protestors.  But that’s being redundant.

Gettysburg was of course, the turning point of the civil war, the high water mark for the southern cause.

The Santorum forces hoped Rick Santorum’s appearance – which caused a line several blocks long outside waiting to get into the standing room only overflow hallway outside the filled ballroom – and the victory of primary rival Mitt Romney in Illinois tonight – also mark the “high water mark” for him and the start of a string of victories for Santorum next.

Just like at one point on the Gettysburg battlefield after Pickets Charge, there is an actual location marked as the “high water mark” for the southern cause and the start thereafter, of a string of northern victories.

The neat dressed, polite and family oriented crowd that stood on line and assembled inside to hear Santorum was a marked contrast with the outside protesters, a mix of young and old who appeared to have been transported from a 1960′s anti-war leftwing rally of disgruntled and angry protesters.

A report came to me of an exchange with one hippie looking protestor who carried a sign that protested “Stop Medicaid Cuts for Elderly.”

When asked by a couple who were there as Santorum fans if he was protesting President Obama’s cuts in medicaid for seniors, we are told the protestor appeared very confused and disoriented, unsure how to respond.

“Poor fellow looks like he was totally unprepared to actually SPEAK to anybody, he was just told to hold the sign” our source reports.

Another report was of a little girl with her mother pulling her along with one hand as the other hand held up a sign pointed towards the line of Santorum supporters outside the hotel, which informed them that “Jesus was a Liberal.”

The little girl’s sign did not appear to make any converts among the Santorum supporters in the line.

I do not know what Rick Santorum’s “path to the nomination” is at this point, nor like most of those who attended the Gettysburg rally for Rick Santorum last night, and like his supporters watching his speech on TV (as I did), do I especially care.

I do know that the biggest contrast of the night wasn’t listening to Rick Santorum and later on TV Mitt Romney’s speeches that night .  It wasn’t that while Romney does speak favorably on many of our issues while Santorum continues to be far more capable of articulating conservative values and of recruiting, motivating and energizing conservatives and values voters.

No, the biggest and best contrast that show us what is at stake in the 2012 election year was to look at the contrast in the appearance of the two crowds.

One crowd well dressed, neat, polite, conservative, well informed and able to articulate their usually Christian and always pro-family, conservative, “values” oriented views.

And the other crowd that looked like anti-war leftists from the 1960′s, with the prominent “no vaginal probes” sign to protest the introduction of HB 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” bill that requires a examination to determine that there is in fact a pregnancy involved BEFORE Planned Parenthood can do the abortion they want and collect their fees.

In only a very small number of those cases, if the external ultrasound “picture” does not provide the information needed, then the more invasive procedure would be done to confirm whether or not there is a fetus present and its age, or is there some other problem which may require some OTHER procedure other than the abortion the Planned Parenthood is anxious to administer.

Planned Parenthood has already admitted that they ALREADY have done the ultra sounds.  They just don’t want to be required to do them and certainly don’t want to be required to show the mother.

The crowd outside appears to stand with the “vagina probe” sign carrier – and with Planned Parenthood’s  side of the argument.  “Don’t make us find out” to paraphrase them, and “don’t ask don’t tell the mother” to put it yet another way.

The conservative group of Rick Santorum supporters and politicians gathered inside to hear Rick Santorum, seemed to be on the other side.

Sources from this Santorum Gettysburg Rally say their seeing State Representative Scott Perry, who is one of seven candidates claiming to be “the true conservative” seeking the open Congressional seat in the area being vacated by 6-term Congressman Todd Platts, left them favorably impressed with him.

They do not know if he is supporting Rick Santorum.  They do know that his respect for the candidate to come and meet and hear Santorum, left them very pleased.

I do anticipate reporting later this week on the battle to pass House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” bill which would require Planned Parenthood to inform and show the mother an ultra sound to confirm that there is a pregnancy and the age of the baby before proceeding.

I wrote this past Friday of reports that State Rep. Scott Perry had withdrawn from that battlefield and as a co-sponsor of HB 1077.  I have been awaiting his reaction to that story carried in RED STATE online.

State Rep. Rick Perry told an Action of PA member at the Santorum Gettysburg Rally that he was most interested in protecting the rights of both the pregnant mother and the baby and would be delighted to meet with a delegation from that group to discuss how this could best be done, and how they could help him in that battle.  More later, stay tuned.

We congratulate Mitt Romney for his victory in Illinois tonight but warn him and his supporters.

This Illinois defeat did nothing to quench the enthusiasm for Rick Santorum in this conservative grassroots crowd and across America.  And so Mitt Romney has two big challenges ahead of him.

First, can he overcome and defeat Santorum in future contests by enough of a margin to gain a majority of convention delegates?

And second, can he do this in a way that doesn’t turn this crowd off, and leave him alone to face the protest crowd outside who hate everything that both Santorum and Romney speak for, and whose work will otherwise guarantee the reelection of Barack Obama in 2012 along with a U.S. Senate and House that will support his liberal-left agenda?

The Mitt Romney big dollar donors who benefited from government “save Wall Street” dollars in the past, won’t man the barricades of the campaign fight between these two different crowds.  They won’t donate enough to close the gap between a GOP nominee and Barack’s Billion.

So far, we’ve not seen anything from Mitt Romney that will generate intense enthusiasm from these conservatives, which McCain failed to enlist and which caused his defeat in 2008.

The turnout in this part of Pennsylvania, a “red state” segment of the population, was actually 8 percent less than in the past, helping Obama carry the state in 2008.

And unless we do see that enthusiasm for Romney then in future primaries coming right up, including Pennsylvania on April 24, then it might turn out to be more than a just a spring-night’s dream, that the crowd at Gettysburg will have seen a second “high water mark” in this little but now historic Pennsylvania town last night.

HanoverHenry is Pat Henry on Facebook, and I’m on the lookout for new friends there.

Links to articles I wrote at RED STATE at my Facebook Notes section. 

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“Women’s Right to know” bill endangered as PA Rep. Scott Perry & 28 legislators retreat

State Rep. Scott Perry, endorsed by many area state legislators to fill the seat of retiring 6 term U.S. Congressman Todd Platts, has withdrawn his support for the “Women’s Right to Know Act,” a bill in Pennsylvania similar to the one passed in Virginia and six other states to force Planned Parenthood to show the ultrasound image they usually do, to the mother whose baby they are about to abort.

It may be the first crack in the frontrunner’s campaign to sew up conservative support for his bid for higher office, even as his new position appears to satisfy his liberal critics.

The ultra sound for a mother is considered important to confirm the presence of a baby as well as its age before an abortion is done.

Planned Parenthood, which is heavily subsidized with federal taxpayer funds and is the leading provider of abortions in America, has already admitted that it already does do these ultrasounds.

But, they don’t want to be required by law to share the image with the expectant mother, fearing that some of the mothers will change their mind and abort the abortion and cause Planned Parenthood a loss of fees.  Apparently, the mother’s “right to choose” does not extend to any “right to the ultrasound image.”

So they have gone all out once again – Planned Parenthood and their liberal-left allies and Democratic Party leaders, to change this into a “women’s rights” issue instead of what it is – a woman’s “right to know” which imposes a requirement on the abortion mill to share information with the woman before it is too late.

Once again the liberal left is saying that “the Christians are trying to impose their religion on us” and the Christians are saying that it is about the rights of the mother and the rights of the baby and about basic safety and informed consent – all NOT religious issues but common sense and issues of very basic right and wrong.

It is of course, not unusual for a Republican legislator under fire from leftists just before an important vote, to withdraw his support and either abstain or vote with the liberals.

After all, what politician wants to have anybody angry at them, particularly in an election year?

One conservative columnist back during the Iran Contra controversy noted that some of President Reagan’s hitherto strongest supporters in Congress turned out to be “summer sunshine soldiers” who turned tail and “ran for the tall grass” as soon as battle was under way to tear down their President.

But what is unusual about this particular withdrawal from the field of battle is that military veteran, State Rep. Scott Perry, won the straw poll at last month’s candidate’s forum with 85% favorable rating by the 150 attendees of Americans for Christian traditions in Our Nation, to fill the open seat of retiring 6 term Congressman Todd Platts (R-PA).

Several of my close friends and sources were very impressed with him and gave Perry a “4″ rating and a few even gave him the top rating of “5″ (out of 1 to 5 score each voter could cast for each of the 7 candidates who spoke).

My quick survey of several of them confirmed my suspicion – they are horrified that the candidate who they gave the victory to, and who happily uses that victory on his campaign webpage, has now reversed himself on this issue so important to them.

And so less than 30 days after his victory at the candidates’ forum of the most conservative-Christian group in the district, this self described “pro-life” candidate for Congress, State Rep. Scott Perry, under pressure from the left, has withdrawn his support for the pro-life bill that is at the top of the conservative-Christian group’s agenda for passage in the state legislature in Harrisburg.

And what is ALSO unusual is that Perry is running in one of the “reddest” of red Congressional districts in the country, the 19th district in south central, Pennsylvania, which reelected GOP incumbent Todd Platts to his 6th term in 2010 with a victory margin of 72% to 23% (an independent candidate got 5%).

Rep. Perry, who is actually my “Facebook friend” (perhaps not, after he reads this), hopes to earn the votes of very conservative voters – as he did at ACTION of PA last month – to win the GOP nomination against six candidates for this “open seat”

All seven of the declared candidates are claiming title to the “most conservative candidate” mantle to win the GOP nomination contest to run, and be virtually assured of election afterwards.

This column in RED STATE, perhaps the first such open criticism from an independent but conservative source, is not Scott Perry’s only problem though, regarding this issue and his retreat from the conservative-GOP battle line.

On the very day (Sunday evening/Monday morning) that I was preparing this I was sent a link by the same source which has reported to me on the very strong stand of the Roman Catholic Church in general and by Father Samuel E. Houser of St. Patrick’s Church in York, PA.

You  may recall that I have written of this pastor, one of many in York County and across America who the parishioner of his called a “profile in courage” in introducing him at a recent Pastor’s breakfast organized by Pastor Ken Gibson and sponsored by Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA) York chapter.

And I learned of yet another “call to arms” from the pulpit and in their newsletter, from Father Houser to his parishioners, to write letters to the editor and to their State Representative, on this very issue that I had already decided to write about this morning.

Father Houser said the local newspaper published three letters to the editor against the bill in a single day, none from our side.  He called for his constituents to telephone their state representatives.

Although Father Houser’s weekly bulletin did not speak of Rep. Scott Perry (yet), he did single out for criticism State Rep. Ron Marsico and State Rep. Glen Grell, who were originally co-sponsors of the “Women’s Right to Know” bill but who have now withdrawn in the face of the onslaught from Planned Parenthood supporters.

Father Houser also shared with his congregation the “life news” website urging them to learn more about why this is such an important issue for Christians.

But Father Houser is just one of the “angry Catholics” on the march (see my earlier column on this, subheaded “Here Come the Angry Catholics“).

Father Houser also echoes the call of his Bishops for a “Day of Prayer, Fasting and Abstinence for Religious Liberty” on Friday, March 30, dedicated to the “preservation of religious liberty” which many Catholics feel is presently under the worst attacks in American history.

Father Houser and the Bishops of Pennsylvania ask that we all join together on March 30 in prayer, fasting and abstinence (no meat and one major meal for the day and liquids or broths – or if necessary one or two very light snacks/meals in addition to the one major meal).

The “angry Catholics” are marching, fasting and praying to ask that their Church – and all Churches – be given back the “right to practice what she preaches, and for our political leaders, that their eyes may be opened to the rights of all Americans, including those of faith.”

Father Houser’s newsletter reports that there are 3 million Catholics in Pennsylvania, and he and other pastors are doing thier share to register them to vote, and to make sure that they vote “for candidates who share our ideals.”

Ominously for those who do NOT share the ideals of Christians like Father Houser, last Sunday the Catholic Pastor reported that he had run out of voter registration forms.  He was immediately provided an additional supply by a member of his congregation who is a member of ACTION of PA.

Father Houser goes to great pains to be certain his “call to arms” is kept non-partisan and does not favor or oppose any party, saying “religious liberty does not belong to the Democrats or Republicans, it belongs to all Americans.

His newsletter criticizes those who have attacked the Church’s stand, saying “we cannot, as a Church, be silent because some have sought to politicize our plight.”

Father Houser urges in this Sunday’s newsletter that those who wish to respond to his call should immediately visit www.pacatholic.org to send a message to state legislators in support of conscience rights for all Americans.

While the original ire of Christian pastors like Father Houser and ACTION of PA York Chapter Chairman Pastor Ed Gibson were provoked by the “ObamaCare” edict of February 10, they are very determined that the “Women’s Right to Know” bill – HB 1077, should be passed or else the names of those who vote against it should be known to their congregations, as was discussed in their recent “Pastor’s Lunch” (see my recent column).

While the news of Rep. Perry’s defection from the ranks of those supporting this “Women’s Right to Know” appears not to have yet reached Pastor Gibson and Pastor Houser at this writing, all indications are that they will not be “happy campers” when they learn that he has joined defectors, State Rep. Glen Grell and Rep. Ron Marsico – the total I have as of this writing is 28 defectors – in withdrawing from this battle.

But since he is seeking a “promotion” to go the U.S. House of Representatives, I anticipate it will be a great shock when conservatives and Christian activists learn that Rep. Scott Perry has withdrawn from this battlefield rather than been one of the leaders in one of the most critical battles of the year for values voters specifically, and for conservatives in Pennsylvania in general.

House Bill 1077 is rather straightforward.  But Planned Parenthood doesn’t like ANY restrictions on their power to abort babies and keep the expectant mother in the dark until it is too late.  The bill’s introduction states, that it is:

An Act providing for ultrasound test requirements to determine gestational ages of unborn children; establishing the right to view ultrasound image and ultrasound video of unborn child and the right to observe or hear the fetal heartbeat; providing for powers and duties of the Department of Health and for duties of physicians performing abortions; requiring certain reports to be filed with the Department of Health; imposing administrative sanctions and criminal penalties; and providing for remedies.

Of course the far left opposition has gone hysterical in their attacks, trying to make this into a “woman’s rights” issue as they aim to block information from being presented to the expectant mother so they can rush through another abortion and another fee.

In Virginia, legislators also faced this kind of deluge of email, phone calls and mail from angry leftists whose superior social networking strength was galvanized into action by an alliance of liberal left and Democrat organizations and leaders.

Those Virginia state legislators in marginal districts were especially vulnerable to such public pressure and some of them did in fact, retreat in the face of this one-sided avalanche before the “right to know” forces prevailed and the Governor signed the bill into law.

I am in part inspired to write this because of the March 9 column written by Red State editor Erick Erickson, about another candidate that everyone thought was a real conservative in 2010 when he ran for Congress.

and, Erick was even MORE forceful on the same subject in his March 14th column, “A Case Study in Why Republicans Do Not Fear Conservatives.”

Erick reports on how Tea Party and other conservative forces united behind Kinsinger and sent him to Washington two years ago.

Today that candidate, Rep. Adam Kinsinger, has earned a lousy 63% rating from the conservative Heritage Action – almost a match for GOP House whip Eric Cantor’s rating.

Both Congressmen – leader Cantor and his acolyte Kinsinger, use plenty of conservative rhetoric but they vote liberal about 40% of the time.

As Eric Ericson wrote about Cantor and the GOP House leadership, who this new Congressman kept aligning himself with during his freshman term, “ridiculed conservatives opposed to Planned Parenthood.”

Would State Rep. Scott Perry fit right in with that crowd who vote “right” just 40% of the time, and go with the liberals any time it is expedient or difficult to stand with the conservatives?

Would he follow the Adam Kingsinger model, to say what the conservatives want to hear to sweep past the other six candidates for the GOP nomination in this strongly conservative-Republican district but then go to Washington and vote far more moderate than anyone who voted for him ever suspected?

I hold no brief for any of the other candidates, and in fact, never even heard of any of them until I reported on the York County Action of PA breakfast “candidate’s forum” last month, where I served a member of the “Host Committee” for the event.

I am simply alarmed after seeing this retreat by State Rep. Scott Perry, and am influenced by the “call to arms” of both Red State editor Erick Erickson, and of Father Samuel E. Houser.

In Illinois, Rep. Adam Kinsinger has been gerrymandered into a district with another Republican Congressman, Don Manzullo.  So he now faces a challenger and possible “chastisement” for his liberal voting record and for abandoning conservatives on so many votes.

Congressman Manzulo’s 92% ACU rating contrasts strongly with Congressman Kinzinger’s 72% rating from ACU and the 63% rating from the influential and respected Heritage Action (which has a Facebook page for PA).

In another marked contrast, Eric Erickson reports the more liberal Kinsinger earned a meager 56% from the Club for Growth versus the 85% score for his primary opponent now, Rep. Don Munzullo.

Eric Erickson asks in his first column, “if we are unwilling to stand up for a man who stands up for conservatives… then why should we ever expect any man to stand with the movement against the party?”

Erickson flat out says in his second column, “By any measure, Manzullo is far more conservative.”

Yet the support from conservatives for the far more conservative Congressman isn’t materializing and Congressman Don Manzullo may lose to the more liberal candidate with the Republican “regulars” help.

I ask, if we give an 85% vote approval vote to State Representative Scott Perry who then abandons us in his previously announced support for House Bill 1077 to force Planned Parenthood to let expectant mothers see the ultrasound bill before they kill that baby, how can we expect him to stand with us on more critical and more controversial measures in the future?

And if we cannot expect Rep. Scott Perry to stand with us when an overwhelming majority of his own GOP caucus in the Pennsylvania state legislature are standing firm in the face of this deluge of email, phone calls and mail targeting Republican legislators who support House bill 1077, what will we do when the more “moderate” (ie. liberal) GOP House leadership signals it is OK to cave and abandon us?

Reports from my friends who heard him, say State Rep. Scott Perry gave a tremendous presentation at the candidate’s forum last month and has a generally very conservative rating, and much to recommend him as a candidate for Congress.

But will one of the most conservative districts in the country be represented by someone who the forces supporting Planned Parenthood know can be pressured to leave them alone to go about their “abortion work” free of restriction and free to keep the the pregnant women in the dark until it is too late – will he be the winner of the upcoming GOP primary to run in this safe seat?

In my view, the 19th district of retiring Representative Todd Platts, is going to be represented by a strong pro-life Congressman after the incumbent retires at the end of 2012.

Whether my new Congressman will be State Rep. Scott Perry because he swings back into line with those he calls his friends, or by someone else who defeats him in the primary by calling attention to his retreat from our battle line in this fight, remains to be seen.

My sources report that Planned Parenthood’s supporters on the far left have generated far more email and phone calls to state legislators pressuring them to retreat from this battle, to back off, and to not require them to do the ultrasound which they already DO as routine – and to share a look at what the baby about to be aborted looks like, to the mother – the same sort of requirement passed in Virginia and in 6 other states already.

As Erick Erickson asks at RED STATE, are we conservatives going to be a paper tiger or are we going to show – as I’d like to put it – that our BITE is going to be just as strong as our BARK which I am sounding in this article?

And as Father Samuel E. Houser urges in yesterday’s newsletter, “Our freedom and liberty must be preserved.  And in this effort, we must remain steadfast.”

I salute Rep. Perry for his continuing service to America as a Colonel of the Pennsylvania National Guard and in Bosnia and Iraq.  I honor him for his readiness to stand on that battle line for us all, and I thank his wife and his two daughters for their sacrifice as well.

His courage in military service is not in doubt in my mind.  Pennsylvania State Representative Perry’s  willingness to stand fast in this battle to immediately pass House Bill 1077, is. You can let him know if you agree with me by writing to him at repscottperry@gmail.com.

Tell Rep. Perry, as Father Houser asked, “stand fast.”  Or as I’d prefer to say, “don’t run for the tall grass,” the battle for HB 1077 is on – lead, follow or get out of our way.

HanoverHenry is Pat Henry on Facebook, and I’m on the lookout for new friends there.

Links to articles I wrote at RED STATE at my Facebook Notes section. 

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