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Glen Bradley Candidate NC Senate District 18 – Grassroots Fundraiser

Glen Bradley is a true grassroots candidate. We need your financial help in the upcoming three way primary. Just $10 will fund the Campaign for the primary if we have 3000 people donate. Pass this on to your  friends and FB page. Encourage your friends to donate to the candidate the will Restore the NC Constitution.

$10 could be 1 lunch and 1 cup of coffee. We need your support.

We are ready to print flyers and do a targeted mailing.

Please consider a small donation for the true Constitutional candidate, Glen Bradley.






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Newt Gingrich: Self-proclaimed savior of the Western world

Report sheds light on claim to Reagan and conservative credentials

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Almost Forgetting An Important Job

Thanks to the likes of Coldwarrior, Loren Heal, et al. we are reminded that we should all be elected Precinct Committeemen and familiarize and utilize GOTV efforts for our chosen conservative and Republican candidates.  Both jobs or roles are vitally important and are sorely underappreciated at the national, state and local levels of the GOP.

However, it occurred to me that we have been forgetting about one of the most important jobs we can do, especially at election time – poll watching.

Poll watching is not the most glamorous jobs and it’s certainly not the most entertaining of jobs considering the amount of downtime over the course of Election Day (bring a book in case there is lengthy time gaps between voters arriving at the polling place).  Despite the lack luster appeal of the job, poll watching is one of the most important jobs we can do for a multitude of reasons.

First, poll watching allows you to double check the job of the election judges.  With voter fraud rampant in some parts of this country and in particular parts of some of our states (I’m looking at you Chicago), poll watching can help ensure that voter fraud is kept to a minimum.

Poll watchers cannot interfere with the election judge duties, but merely sit near the election judges with their voter lists in hand checking off who has voted and who has not voted while making sure the election judges are doing their jobs correctly and following the law. 

Poll watchers are the last line of offense in GOTV efforts because around 4pm Election Day, you should step outside the polling place and start calling your “hard Rs” that haven’t voted yet to remind them to vote before the polls close.  If time allows, you should also be calling the “soft R”s.  Poll watching works best in teams, but can be done solo.  With a team in place, one person can keep track of who is voting inside the polling place while the other is calling those that haven’t voted. 

Poll watchers can object to unqualified voters voting in their precinct.  Election judges make the final call on whether somebody is allowed to vote but if you feel your objection was wrongly overturned, you can (and should) call your County Clerk’s office immediately and your state’s Board of Elections if the County Clerk does not give a satisfactory answer or if not action is taken by the County Clerk’s office.

Poll watchers help deter electioneering at the polling place.  They should be watching for campaign signs too close to the polling place or people standing outside the polling place soliciting votes.  In addition, a poll watcher watches for electioneering inside the polling place by objecting to voters wearing campaign t-shirts or campaign buttons while trying to vote or trying to solicite votes inside the polling place.  Those wearing campaign material should either turn their shirts inside out before voting or remove any campaign buttons before they vote.

Poll watchers should be at the polling place before the polls open because part of the poll watcher duties is to make sure the ballot box is working properly and the counter starts at zero with an empty ballot box.  In addition, the poll watcher should stay after the polls close to ensure no extra ballots are added in last minute and see that the results of your precinct are posted at the entrance of your polling place.  These results and overall voter turnout should then be reported back to your county chairman and/or your campaign HQ.

So how do you become a poll watcher?

In my state, each political party is allowed 2 poll watching credentials per precinct.  In addition, each campaign is allowed 1 credential per precinct.  To become a poll watcher, you need only to contact your GOP County Chairman who can get the credentials via your County Clerk’s office.  If you are with a campaign, you can get your credentials through the campaign via the County Clerk’s office.  You need only to sign your credentials and return them to the County Clerk’s office.  Also, you don’t have to live in the precinct you are poll watching.  If somebody has already taken up the alloted credentials for your home precinct, then you can poll watch a different precinct as long as you have credentials for that precinct.  You can also get credentials for multiple precicnts but it’s very limited as to how many you can have at one time – ie. you can’t have credentials for all precincts in your county.

So how do you know what to look for if you’ve never been a poll watcher?  Simple.  Each time before an election, your County Clerk will hold election judge training.  You should be at that training as well so you know each job an election judge has to do, basic voting laws and definitions of electioneer which can vary greatly depending on where your polling place is located.  If you didn’t or can’t attend the election judge training, then election judge duties and applicable voting regulations about electioneering are available at your state’s Board of Elections website.

Poll watchers are not always welcomed in the polling places but you are protected by law to be there.  My precinct doesn’t care if I’m there or not, but when my girlfriend was a poll watcher at a different precinct they treated her like she was an intrusion and made her as unwelcome as possible.  It’s not always like that though.  I poll watched a precinct one time where the election judges brought in food for a potluck.  I ate like a king that day, which reminds me to also get credentials for that precinct this year…  Word of advice whether you are a Precinct Committeeman or a poll watcher for a particular precinct – bring donuts for the election judges, they’ll love you.

It’s not too late to become a poll watcher if your state’s primary is coming up soon.  I am getting my credentials Friday from my GOP County Chairman for our primary on Tuesday.  If you missed your chance to poll watch because your state has already voted, have no fear because the general election will be here before you know it and we need as much GOTV and as many eyes on the ballots as we can get this November.

Get your credentials to be a poll watcher.  Poll watching is a sure-fire way to help thwart voter fraud and report voter fraud that is allowed to happen by election judges.  Poll watching helps GOTV efforts because you can accurately track who has voted and who has not voted.  Finally, as a poll watcher, you are helping ensure that each election is a free and fair election which is the cornerstone of any democracy.


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The Rise of the Startup Political Candidate

Nick Przybyciel is a graduate degree candidate at Northwestern University’s Medill School, where he is studying the intersection of technology and journalism as an interactive publishing student. You can connect with him on Twitter @nicprz.

It wasn’t too long ago that Simon Ribeiro would have been considered an odd political candidate.

Ribeiro’s de-facto campaign nerve center is inside a classroom at Chicago’s Gordon Tech High School, where he is a rookie teacher, having finally scored a full-time job after six years of substitute teaching. The number of digits in his political war chest could be counted on one hand.

Press conferences? Forget it. He prefers one-on-one Skype sessions with bloggers, citizen journalists and other civic-minded, but non-credentialed commentators. Political ideology? He doesn’t really follow any set dogma, mixing equal parts Ron Paul and Harry Reid into a veritable mash-up of ambitious ideas.

What Ribeiro does have is a website, and a pretty good one, considering his $400 development budget.

“I realized that if I raised $10,000, or if I raise $500, it’s not really going to make much of a difference,” says Ribeiro. “So, instead of wasting my time doing all of these fundraisers and all of this stuff, I’ll just say ‘Look, $10,000 is still a drop in the bucket compared to my competitor, so there’s no sense in even sweating it.’”

Ribeiro, who is hoping to upset the incumbent in Illinois’ 9th congressional district Democratic primary on March 20, is part of a new breed of politically unconnected, but digitally savvy citizens running their own campaigns this election cycle. He embodies the post-partisan — and post-big media — candidate.

Call Ribeiro the “social media candidate.”

Thanks to the explosive growth of social media users since the 2010 elections, especially among the holy grail of political demographics (baby boomers), the playing field may finally be leveled for startup candidates like Ribeiro.

“One of the fastest growing populations on Twitter are those 55-plus,” said Karen Jagoda, president of the E-Voter Institute, a non-partisan organization that promotes the use of online tools in political and advocacy campaigns. “Everyone is more receptive to social media than two years ago.”

The paradigm shift that began with President Obama’s bottom-up, online grassroots campaign in 2008 was only further cemented when the right embraced these tools during the conservative revolution two years later. Social media usage stats justified this shift in tactics. In 2008, only 29% of McCain voters were active users of social networking sites, compared to 44% of Obama supporters.

Fast-forward two years, and a Pew Internet & American Life Project report found that Republicans and Democrats used social media to gather or share political information at roughly equal rates in the midterm election cycle.

This shows that anyone — no matter his age or party affiliation — can launch a do-it-yourself, online-based campaign to reach his target audience.

“Online media gives those with little name recognition the ability to get into the game,” says Jagod. “There’s not a guarantee that money will follow, but small contributors with a vested interest in a campaign can build huge grassroots support.”

It’s not just the reach of social media that’s promising for DIY candidates. Digital mediums offer something that linear media can’t: engagement and credibility. A 2011 whitepaper published by SocialVibe found that 94% of social media users of voting age engaged by a political message watched the entire message. Moreover, 39% of these people went on to share that message with an average of 130 online friends.

Go back in time a decade and ask any K Street political consultant whether similar engagement metrics were even remotely possible by utilizing broadcast, mailers or any other traditional outreach tactic, and you would have been laughed out of D.C.

But now, robust interactive strategies are big business. Mega interactive agencies, like Washington D.C.-based Engage, provide consulting and management services for the few who can afford it. Their agency has helped brand and create digital strategies for, among others, MTV reality TV star Sean Duffy, who won Wisconsin’s 7th District House seat in 2010 thanks in part to a slick online campaign.

However, social media has a leveling quality to it. Candidates without major endorsements or million-dollar interactive agencies at their disposal can still utilize the same tactics as their well-funded competitors. Sure, their websites may not have undergone $50,000 in usability testing, or be loaded with Flash animation, but as long as they adhere to a few basics, they manage to reach their desired audiences with credible messaging.

Jagoda mentioned just a few of these tools that are accessible to anybody: email/SMS lists, an authentic Twitter feed, a Facebook presence with strong calls to action, and videos of campaign stops or behind-the-scenes footage, which can be posted on YouTube or Vimeo. And always, always cross-promote these properties on traditional outreach materials, like flyers or direct mailings.

Ribeiro has already invested in this approach, and it seems to be paying off. “I’m really trying to take advantage of the social networking sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, just because I know these are good sites,” says Ribeiro. “It’s free, it’s engaging, and it’s not just ‘Here’s a sound bite. Here’s a slogan.’ It’s really a discussion. It’s an interaction.”

Aside from featuring his social media presence prominently on his campaign site, Ribeiro also plans to work with a filmmaker friend to add other media, such as viral videos. Generating and sharing this type of content is particularly important for the boomer generation.

“The older demographic is not using the social media tools in the same way as the younger is,” says Jagoda. “They’re more likely to view photos and videos than to post [status updates], but also more likely to forward links.”

But even if Ribeiro doesn’t get enough Likes, shares or comments to win this election, he’s ready for another run in 2014. “I’m building inroads to the future and getting my name out there,” he says.

That’s an often-discounted upside to social media – long after the last political ad has aired, candidates that truly get the essence of social media will keep engaging and growing their communities, building momentum for the next go at it.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, Pgiam, Flickr, LaMenta3

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Drudge Sold Out to Establishment/Romney

After the debate last night I am gratified to know that at least in the spoken word our four candidates are mostly headed away from BHO and in a direction I’d rather the country go. I’m still undecided and in the ABR camp (Anybody But Romney), however, my vote can be swayed.

I was on Redstate chat during the debate and hands down Newt won. We all agreed I think. those that didn’t agree thought their candidate did the best who ever they were sold out for in the first place. This morning I find Drudge with a voting graphic up asking who I though won the debate. Imagine my surprise when the tally came back as the image I’ve inserted here!?!

clip from the drudge site with articles scrubbed

I’m fully okay with people having a differing opinion than I do (and I expect it). The Drudge Report is fully in the tank for the Romney camp and are lending credence to a suspected deal between him and Ron Paul over something. Could it be a RAND Paul VP nomination? Hmmmmm. Time will tell.

In any event I still am open to information and am gathering/evaluating it all ahead of Super Tuesday. I am NOT interested in attack ads; defense ads, yes. I want to see more of Newt’s positive spin, going after BHO, and why I should vote FOR someone, not AGAINST someone.

I’m against Barack Hussein Obama. I’m against the Socialist direction this country is taking. I’m against the anti-exceptionalist stance this administration is taking around the world. Tell me what you are FOR? Tell me why I should be FOR YOU? Tell me what You will DO to make my beloved country great again? This I can get behind. This I can volunteer for. This I can donate money too (when the companies in this country aren’t scared stiff about the next piece of legislation/regulation and start hiring again).

Cross posted at firstchevalier.com

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Just as a note before tonight, Gentlemen

Someone who IS a conservative doesn’t have to convince us he is a conservative because he lives like a conservative, thinks like a conservative, and acts like a conservative.

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
Matt 7:15-20 (KJV)

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A Call to Service, a Call for your Nation!

I no longer wear an olive drab uniform, but still I serve.

My feet are damaged and broken, but I still march to freedoms beat.

My weapons are Twitter, pens, and a cellular phone, and with them I fight.

Though I shall never be called upon to risk my life defending our nation as Hero’s of our past and present have done, I fight on.

Today I ask you to join me in the trenches, I ask you to enlist in this fight.

I ask because we are in a terrible war, with the fate of our own freedoms in play, a war where liberty will be violated and then made a slave to tyranny.

I ask you not to join the military, nor to follow a specific cause or pledge to a politician.

No… I ask you go pledge to yourself, your dreams, and to our nation.

I ask for you to run for office.

This battlefield may be unkind and unmerciful, but it is a far easier burden than the Marines storming Iwo Jima had, or the Army had in Normandys death dealing beaches.

I aask you to do a duty our own founding fathers found honorable.

The lowest rank is Precinct Committee Person (also known as PCP). http://party.procinct.com This link will guide you.

The next rank is that of local positions such as on a school board, water district, or city council. Each county and State varies so look for your local information via your elections office.

The first of the officers is Sherrifs, Mayors, and State Representatives… and the likes.

Those who run for Federal Office… you have surpassed me, and if you are a Conservative then I salute you!

We must think nationally, of course, but we must act locally.  We must unite and organize locally, and the best place to do that is at our local Party committee meetings

This is not a dishonorable duty! Nothing could be further from the truth. Only when we fight evil, corruption, and cronyism can we have a victory.

There is no victory in surrendering the battle, there is no victory in letting the enemy win via default, there is no victory if you do not stand up in the image of our Founding Fathers and carry the torch of freedom!

The enemy will call you names, and try to smear you. You will not suffer a physical injury from this. They will try to tell it is hopeless… to which I say there is hope if you try, and no hope if you do not!

I am United with Cold Warrior, Line Holder, LHeal, and more in seeking you, all of you we can get, to run for office. TAKE BACK OUR NATION!

My goal is to raise an army of 50,000. Not an army pledged to me or my specific platforms, but to the causes of Freedom, Liberty, Justice and the American Way! Cold Warrior wants 500,000… I will be happy if I, with this post, can get my 50,000. Then that 50,000 can get 10 each! UNITED WE STAND!

My goal is to show such strenght our enemy is overwhelmed by our numbers, as we fight in every battlefield there is, and take the fight to them with everything we can!

Let us become the tidal wave, the tsunami, that washes away the corruption that harms our nation!

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Have You Seen Google’s ‘Good to Know’ Ad Campaign? [PHOTO HUNT]

Google has taken a dewy-eyed approach with its “Good to Know” ad campaign to address users’ privacy concerns. The multi-million-dollar campaign launched last month and uses child-like graphics to spotlight online privacy.

Google’s handling of users’ private information has been a hot topic, starting in 2010 when Google used members’ private information from Gmail to feed its now defunct precursor to Google+Google Buzz.

Ads like the one below are popping up online, in magazines and newspapers and on billboards and subway posters.

We spotted this one today on the Long Island Railroad and wanted to see if we can find more. Google placed ads in both New York City and Washington, D.C., subway stations.

Have you encountered any of Google’s “Good to Know” ads while out and about?  Snap a picture and send it to us!




Loading …

What do you think of Google’s campaign? Does it make you feel any differently about your online privacy?

Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphoto, alija

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The Real Issue With Romney’s Tax Returns

Romney hasn’t done well at recent debates, and the new focus on his tax returns seems to have caught him off guard. Mitt appeared to be on the defensive, and his attempts to side-step the issue made him sound awkward and uncomfortable. His problem now is that the longer he waits to release his tax returns, the more it looks like he has something to hide.

We all know Mitt Romney is rich. We also know he paid a much lower tax rate than most of us—whether it was due to capital gains or carried interest, a loophole in the tax code that lets VCs and hedge funds claim profits as long term capital gains at 15% instead of ordinary income at 35%. Now the mainstream media is spreading rumors that Mitt has money stashed in off shore bank accounts.

At this point, the issue of his tax returns won’t go away until Mitt actually releases them. Holding out to avoid attacks because he’s wealthy won’t even postpone the inevitable—it will just stoke the fires and increase apprehension among voters. It’s not going to get any better if he wins the nomination, because Obama has a $1 billion war chest to attack him over the very same issue.

Instead of apologizing for his wealth, Romney should release his tax returns immediately and come back swinging, much like Newt did with the ABC expose. Instead of apologizing for making money, Mitt should defend the American dream, stressing that America is the land of opportunity where anyone can be successful with hard work. That’s what free enterprise is all about, and nobody should have to apologize for being successful.

You don’t see the media attacking Larry Page and Sergey Brin because Google made them billionaires, or Mark Zuckerberg because Facebook made him ridiculously wealthy. Romney shouldn’t be apologizing for his wealth—he should be stressing the opportunity every person in America has to pursue their dreams.

There’s still time for Mitt to get out in front of the wealth and class warfare issue, but he can’t do that by hiding from it. Bad news does not get better with age.

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On the Republican Primary and what is wrong with the Legislative Branch

I was asked by a friend on Facebook to post my views on two topics. The current republican presidential primary, and the problems with the legislative branch of the federal government. While these items should be treated as two separate topics I will, for the sake of the request try to cover both here.

    The Republican Presidential Primary

I am currently, on the eve of the South Carolina debate, firmly in the Not-Romney camp. I think Gingrich had a fantastic showing in the last debate and that Santorum did well also. I also have NO intention of voting for Obama. That said, I am more concerned about the media narrative that it’s already over and decided because Romney has more money than anyone else.

Be warned that we allowed the media to select our candidate last go around in 2008 and we ended up being defeated by a first term congressman from Illinois with no record and only charisma on his side (oh and his willing accomplices in that same media who REFUSED to vet him properly sweeping all his peccadilloes under the rug).

The debate going on right now is just fine. I did like Gingrich’s high road approach early on, to which he has returned now. But I was troubled by his drift to the language of the liberal left when he attacked Romney on Bain Capital as well as the egregious errors used by his Superpac. He himself, as well as the other candidates, when referring to Romney’s own Superpac has said candidates do exert influence and control over what they present, so Gingrich et al do have culpability in the content of their ads. That said, while Newt has some issues that need to be addressed (like sitting on the couch with her highness Pelosi and supporting the idea of global warming to name a few). I do like how many good ideas he has, what he has accomplished in the past (to some degree) i.e. Contract With America, and how he isn’t afraid to take it to Obama.

Santorum, well I like much of what he says but I don’t know enough about his record and past. I do know he was defeated for reelection, but I don’t know the circumstances behind it or why. I REALLY like what he said at the last debate when he was asked about voting for No Child Left Behind. He admitted in an widely viewed public forum that it was wrong of him to vote for that legislation and he wished he hadn’t. This kind of candor and chutzpah is what is needed by our next president. This kind of willingness to say ‘I was wrong’ has been needed in Washington for a LONG time. On this one thing alone I am currently inclined to pull the lever for Santorum, but the primary isn’t to Georgia yet. We shall see.

    What is Wrong with the Legislative Branch of the American Federal Government

They currently have no regard for our founding documents, the founders intent of those documents, or the freedoms those documents guarantee to the people of this country. Establishment politicians need to be reigned in. Power to these individuals needs to be curtailed, not granted. As examples I give you the blatant disregard for procedure in the recent recess appointments made by our current president. I’d also through out the clear disregard for the private property i.e. the money we earn embodied in the confiscatory nature of the individual mandate in the health care legislation.

How about the NDAA that strips American citizens of their rights on accusations alone without due process? How about the double speak of the current president concerning US Government debt? It was convenient to accuse President Bush of being ‘…unpatriotic…’ for running up his debt with China, but when President Obama wants to spend TWICE what Bush spent in less than half the time, it’s okay (that’s not unconstitutional, just offensive on the face of it). How about the abridgment of free speech embodied in the SOPA and PIPA acts? How about saying jobs are his number one priority on the campaign trail (at taxpayer expense by the way) and then killing the Keystone Pipeline, which his own advisory board is pleading with him to enact? How about sending secret letters to our enemies to talk while they threaten to sink our carriers and kill our sailors?

What’s wrong with the legislative branch of the federal government? If you’re sitting at home and don’t think anything is wrong with the legislative branch of the federal government, just wait. They’ll be at your door soon enough to explain it to you in words you will understand, and when you begin screaming about how your freedoms are being infringed upon, the rest of us will only have the sad comfort of knowing at least we were right in decrying it when it started back in the campaign of 2008.
That’s my opinion. You are still free to express yours….for now.

Cross posted on my site firstchevalier.com

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